Samsung Q600A Soundbar


Jan 17, 2019
I was able to snag this sound bar during Diwali for discounted price. I am not an audiophile & was planning on buying a JBL 5.1 since a long time, purely for the bass. However, I was able to demo this by chance & ended up buying it impulsively bcoz of the price.

Initially I was considering Samsung A650 but somehow didn't like it. Sound doesn't come from behind or above but you can perceive each and every chime & that's good enough. When listening to music, you feel like someone is performing right in front of you, so it feels like a live performance but with a good amount of bass. I was satisfied with the bass but I believe Q800A is the ideal midrange soundbar that has even more bass but never bothered to check bcoz I didn't want to stretch my budget.

It's ideal for pretty much any type of content but specifically Music & TV. For movies too, it's not bad at all. It can get as loud as you would want. Overall a truly cinematic experience. Highly satisfied with this product. I hope I don't run into any issues later on fingers crossed.
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