snell c7 and denon 4308


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Aug 29, 2007
hey guys
i need some help. on my recommendation my brother paired his new snell c7s with his denon 4308. Initially they matched well but recently the amplifier got damaged and is under repairs.the snells are rated for 4 the impedance the problem? the 4308 as per the test reports dishes out 140amps in 8 ohms and 240 ohms in 4 ohms in stereo mode.also why did the protection circuit fail? any suggestion for future?
thanks audiodelic
any recommendations?
how about rotel rb1080 to power the fronts?(at present the only speakers?)
if he has snell speakers im sure he has the moolah so how about something from ati, bryston somewhere in that league...
thats right asit
but my dilemma is if the 4308 cant power the snells then there are very few receivers in the market that can do so . also if we go for the pre power route (multichannel) even the marantz 8003 pre power combo may not be enough.(at present im only looking at multichannel options considering the surrounds can be added later on)
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