sony 29" TV problem


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Jul 1, 2009
SONY TV model no KV-DR29M50

problem description:

Saturday afternoon suddenly turned off and red light started blinking four times. after 30mins Tv works normally till night

Sunday afternoon same problem occured once, then working perfectly till night

Monday - 1:30PM to 5:30PM working perfectly , suddenly turned off and red light started blinking six times. After 10 minutes turned on the Tv to see wheter it works - PICTURE WAS ONLY IN THE MIDDLE WITH CONCAVE SIDES

Whats the problem. TV is nearly 40months old. paid 48k. indian model
well better take it to the sony service centre,mostly a capacitor or a resistor thats one kaput,at the most a IC,service cost should be around 750 to 1000.i believe this is a 100hz tv,sold some where b/w 2004 to 2005.w
TV is repaired and got it back today.This was "pin cushion" problem. Some IC and transitor was replaced with bill for Rs1395. This TV was repaired in May this year for 4 times blinking problem. Cost was nearly Rs1500 including service tax. So this time service charge was exempted
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