Speaker wire lenght for LS & RS

gap g j

Dec 24, 2008

Usually I keep the length of LS & RS equal, but now I want to conceal hanging wires with flat PVC pipes.

My room is 14 by 17 feet in size. And I have fitted the surround at 13 feet from the front wall leaving four feet behind.

Since there is a cupboard between the left speaker and the left surround speaker I cannot conceal using PVC Pipes, So I will have to go other way around the room. In this case the Left Surround speaker will be more than 2 times the Right surround speaker.

Can we use it this way?

Will the twice the length affect to quality of the sound?

Also the cost of speakers wire will also go up?

Need your advice guys, thanks in advance.

Gap G J
Its always recommended to keep the lengths equal for all front 3 speakers but for surrounds when unequal lenght of wires would be used then you will have to compensate it through level settings menu of your AVR, it won't be much but even if both are at the same distance from the listener there would have to be some difference in the level settings in your AVR and this would be due to the fact that extra length cable would cause some resistance which would be compensated by increasing the level output.
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