Story of Led Zeppelin II Original Master by Robert Ludwig


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Dec 4, 2018
I just found out that Robert (Bob) Ludwig mixed and mastered the original version of Led Zeppelin II album.
It was called Hot Mix as it had really loud drums and bass. At the same time it was very dynamic. Atlantic also approved the master.
The album released and audiophiles who had good phono setups loved it. But the ones who had inferior turntables and cheap cartridges faced problems. The LP had non conventional grooves and the stylus would jump out of the grooves on the “hot” parts when played though cheap turn tables.
Atlantic recalled the records and made their own mix with conventional grooves to avoid the issue with cheap turntables. All this without even consulting Robert Ludwig.
So whatever Led Zeppelin II songs we’ve ever heard sound crappy.
But there were already 200000 original LPs sold that had the Bob Ludwig’s initials “RL” stamped on the dead wax.

I’m a huge fan of Led Zeppelin but don’t have a turntable setup yet. Even if I do, I’d be lucky to stumble upon the said record. I’m looking for Needle Drops (Vinyl Rip) of the RL version without any avail. Anyone of you own this version of the record or have a needle drop?
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