Subwoofer JBL L8400P (Black Ash - 120V) Service


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Jul 31, 2009
There was a blast in a transformer close to our house and next thing I know DP switch was out. Alas, my luck ran out of running this beast with recent power surge. Ironically the system was switched off but plugged in through a servo step down stabilizer (circuits blown out) and Monster Power conditioner (completely fried out). Fortunately nothing has happened to Amp and other gadgets hooked to the power conditioner.

I have it checked with my beloved local TV repair shop and he told me that the transformer has blown out and claims he could rewind it for an estimated cost of 2k. I checked with India JBL Bangalore branch and they said they could try to repair it. For estimate alone they have quoted 1k but no guarantee about the feasibility of repair.

According to the TV repair shop the part that is blown out is 042-010139-000 Chia ban 0530 transformer.

I am not sure what would be the real cost/feasibility of their service. With the local local repair shop I am not sure of the sound quality and confused whether to go with local guy or with JBL guy :confused:.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
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