tatasky vs dishtv


New Member
Dec 31, 2008
i am using dish tv since a year now my experience with them is notso great in terms of customer service & the user interface. Their customer service is very slow & most of the cases they adopt unethical pratices like last month they started charging customers for downgradation of the pack. I mean how can a company penalise customers from choosing a lower value pack. It totally dpends on my requirement as to how much i want to shell out or ho many channels do i want. I guess this was the most ridiculous step they have taken..

for my another connection i went for tata sky plus and there was a huge difference in service and the product quality as well. I got the connection at jet speed. All the requestsare handle imeediately and till date i have not faced any problems in the product quality. Their interface is also better than what dish tv has to offer.

being a user of tata sky and dish tv i feel tata sky is much better than dish tv
I too am not very happy about the service with Dish TV. Their platinum pack is sheer loot. I am still stuck with the maxi plan. The customer services people are equally rude. Tata sky does look like a good alternative. Heard that thier quality and service is much better. How has been your experience about the installation?
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