The Almighty Sub !!


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Sep 23, 2007
Hi All, I've been asked so many times about my HTS set-up !! I've already given the info on all most all the components except for the Sub ;) ;) !! Well thats why this thread !! This is my DIY Sub ! its based on the 200W RMS plate amp that was developed for the DIY purpose !! it has the transistor type output devices with DC-Detect and short circuit protection Via Relay !

The Pre or the active filter is based on the Famous 455D Ic and does the filter job quite effortlessly!! There??s also the provision for changing the Phase, the other regular features like frequency and volume control!

The box is my Fav folded horn type! This time it is double fold with the total of 1.2 meter line (the straight line) length!! it was necessary to go for a double fold to keep the box dimensions small ( not that now its any smaller but would??ve been much bigger otherwise),the wood is particle board (didn??t use MDF for various reasons) and is of 24MM thickness !! I have also made a special chamber ( separate box at the back) for the plate amp to sit :cool: ! I didn??t want put it in like other commercially available !! I wanted it to be separate and wanted to isolate the Amp section from the rest of the cabinet !

The Driver is from a company in Taiwan called ??SO-GOOD? they are the OEM??s for many major brands ;)!! So selected that driver (had a tough time getting hold of it though), the cone material is of Kevlar with Carbonfibre reinforcement!! And the voice coil is Very high temperature ASV type with 16 layers, the Dia is 3? :eek:!! Magnets are 165MM double with chrome plated top and bottom plates:eek:! As I found out later that It was clone of a very famous driver from the US!! Eminence LAB 10, this is a solid driver which is preferred by most of the pro folks to build similar horn loaded subs !! so in way I was lucky that I got the similar driver !! Am not claiming that this is 100% same as the original, So critics can rest in peace! but for the price the performance is something I think tell what not enough !! it is that good !!

I think I??ve all the details of it, If I??ve missed any please do let me know or ask me !! will be glad to add the missing info !!

Very Very Important Request!! The reason for me not to put this project before was, the finishing of the sub (not any great or decent) ! So I know the finishing sucks but can??t help it or couldn??t help it!! So please avoid commenting about it as I myself have done the honors!!

Even after this if someone wants to or has to comment on it! Then let the Fun Begin!!






That's a very serious attempt Sreekanth! I like the principle, the way you visualised and constructed. The flush design, plate amp positioning all just same as I've in mind & seen elsewhere. You've done it, with limited resources.

Would you able to post some pics of the box design (internal)?

As usual Thanks a lot buddy !!

Sunil I cannot do that for the far too well known reason !! will try to locate the drawing and show the internal construction !!

I cant make any technical comments as I myself dont know much about it. But what I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to design stuff like this. And designing a cabinet for sub is not at all easy
So i feel its a big achievment by you and specially because you have learnt all by your own

If you can tell us in a little bit detail how you went about deciding on the measurments and design on cabinet and what driver to choose, it would be really interesting to know

Well Rikhav you don't have to be technical to comment ! yes it is very painful thing ( especially the wood working or even getting it done) !

I designed the cabinets with a very little knowledge what I have !! I always wanted a sub which will go very low ( meaning below 30Hz) and the regular port tuned designs require substantial amount of Volume ( read bigger and larger cabinets) with respect to box and same with the drivers as most 12" will struggle to touch 25Hz ( now don't bring in some ultra high-end one and say what do you know look at this !!) the driver I had was 10" so when I plotted the design in WIN ISD ( the software for designing) it threw me a box volume in excess of 100 litres:eek: for this driver to even come close to 30Hz !! so junked the ported one and went for the Folded horn or TL design ! Here though in principle things account the same way but with a small lenience and room for cover-up ( masking the design error and driver flaws) ! hence finally got the figure of 1.2 meter of total line length,now this can be dealt in two ways either a straight line or folded, I chose to go the folded way to save the cost of all the wood required to make full blown horn sub !!

More info on the TL and folded Horn designs can found here,So please read it there (coz if I start to explain all that its going to take several pages) !

Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design

As with the driver I was looking for a very rigid cone driver with a large voice coil to handle the power and also the pressure of the cabinets !! I couldn't find a single driver in india which gave what I wanted !! so finally a friend of mine had a relative who was into import export ! so asked him and got this with a lot of trouble !! as I've already mentioned these are clones of the one of the best driver for the sub in the world ( atleast to me,coz I've seen what its capable of) eminence LAB series !

So with the above things in hand I did a few trial and error calculations and finally arrived at the proper details which is what you see as the end result !!

It was lengthy process took me more then two years to get the things organised ( also since I was working then it was not easy to spend time as now !!).

Thats all I can think of now !! anything else please do the drill !!

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Hey Soundsgreat,
Great work!!! Very impressive.Sad u are not from bombay else i would love to see urs/Anils DIY gear and meet u guys.
Anyway now u are assured of THUNDER even if bglore has a poor monsoon!!!
The Almighty Knoweldge.

For me you people are like scientist, i am a back bench er who would not understand head or tail, what can i say?

I think you need to be at a much better place in terms of success.


Dinyaar Thanks a lot for checking out my DIY, Yes its very sad that we live in different cities !! but what to do ? anyways should you ever travel to bangalore you are most welcome to visit ! the I think I can also assume for me :p ! Sure the thunder is there but hardly of any use as I most of the times listen to music !!

Vinay Thanks for seeing my DIY, Its my hobby (as of now) so I always Am upto something :p !

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Hi Sreekanth, impressive work. I did not get a chance to listen to this beast, may be next time. BTW where did you get this plate amp?

Regards, Anil

Thanks Anil for checking out ! indeed its sad you missed it ! anyway you are no stranger to me so suit yourself to drop in any time !

Sunil, I didn't design the circuits ! Am not that genius :p ! I did manage it get the things done elsewhere in that front ( moreover its common design that I just selected and got it modified to my requirement and the rest of it done) !

So Am 100% sorry if I have given you or any the impression that the circuits are designed by me ;) !


Hey.. thatz a great sub...

i suggest u can add a Cool Steel LOGO ..laser engraved..!


Kaushik thanks for checking out man !! Well I've been time and again asked to do a similar thing !!

Please do PM your contact details would like to talk in this regard ;)!

amazing work Shreekanth,

Kudos to you dude, where on earth did you manage the PCB printing from?
Its obviously not homegrown!

Same question for the Toshiba o/p trans.

Thanks buddy !

Its quite easy to get the PCB done pal ! In bangalore we have tons of small firms who does that !! I got mine from chennai though ! You are right Am not kinda guy ! will not get my hands dirty to that level ;) ! more over we have severe shortage of ferric acid and copper clad sheets needed for the PCB in the open market ! so this is also another reason why got the PCB's done elsewhere !!

The output transistors are also available easily if you know where to look ;) ! So didn't have struggle to much to get them !


Thanks buddy !

Its quite easy to get the PCB done pal ! In bangalore we have tons of small firms who does that !! I got mine from chennai though !
The output transistors are also available easily if you know where to look ;) ! So didn't have struggle to much to get them !

With that kinda passion and skills u'd do wonders shreekanth!!

My diy efforts stopperd with the d failure to obtain half decent components for the GainClone I was making sometime back. With a well known design my DiY sounded like immersed in water, it took the noob in me some time to figure out that it wasn't the design but crappy components. :p

Well what can I say ! thanks !

Very sorry to hear that buddy ! why what happened ? couldn't you get proper components ? its based on the national semiconductors LM3886 is fairly easy to acquire,moreover its a very simple amp to build ! anyway you must have your reasons for abandoning the project !!

Anything in that regard you need help from me,please ask !

Here he comes again...
This time with a boom boom...:cool:

Sreekanth already knows my comments...
so dont.. need.. to say again...;)

Actually.. there..are no more.. compliments in my Brain Dictionary for this genius...:eek:

First of all Sorry buddy, i am again last to respond to your post, i really was not able to notice your thread, as still am in Delhi, for the purpose i told ya...:(

Secondly is this the same sub, that you played when i came in for Demo...???

Anyways, i am almost in finalizing for my demo house out here...
it should be ready in couple of months i suppose...

Will meet you once back to bangalore...

Take Care Buddy

And And And...
Sunil when are you ordering your stuff from Sreekanth, even i need to order one pair of speakers, and cables to Sreekanth for my room...

And kaushik, yes please force him to put in some logos, and name his GREAT DIY....

Take Care...
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