Tuning Yamaha 465


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Oct 8, 2009
Hi Friends,

this is my first post.

can anybody help me to get best out my Ymaha 465.

I am usring Jamo Speakers S 406 HSC1 and Sub woofer SUB 200.

I am not getting the good music quality and the Bass is very low.

done YAPO setup.

pelase help

Re: Yamaha 465

We need a few more details:

1. When you say bass is low - do you mean the volume or frequency?
2. What source are you using?
3. What interconnects are you using? What speaker cables?
4. What do you miss in 'quality' of music?
5. What are you using for music - CD, MP3?
6. What are you using for movies?

Re: Yamaha 465

Thanks Venkat

I could make the most of the corrections my self.

I am using oxide free Monster cable. hope that is good quality.

my audio source is from Audio CD through Philips DVD 3388 and through HDMI.

I changed the Low frequency pass over to 80 Hz so now getting descend Low frequency out. but I still feel the sub woofer S 200 is not a good option.

Now is there any HDMI to AV converter kit available in India. presently my TV doesn't have a HDMI input

For playing CD music, do not use HDMI. Instead use the Audio Out or Front L&R using standard RCA cables. That is the best connection possible.

Use HDMI only for DVDs.

You can connect the player to the AVR using HDMI only if have a HDMI connection in the TV. Other wise, connect using a composite or component and a digital coaxial or optical cable to get surround sound to the AVR. An AVR cannot downscale video signals - meaning HDMI can only be transferred to the TV using ONLY HDMI. Similarly component between the DVD Player and AVR needs a component bewteen the AVR and TV.

A HDMI connection cannot be downscaled to analogue connection such as component or composite.

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