Hi, I dont want to disappoint you in your first Post , but no other go . Personally i didnt like the yamaha 363 and the Jamo 406 speaker package.
But members claim that the 406 are good VFM , But i think its waste spending around 20K for that speakers .Instead you can build a speakers on your own.

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Hi Sudipkc,
I very much agree with tarun, jamo 406 is enrty level HTC package and there are few more choices at the price 20k but if jamo is still available at Relaince or future bazar at 13.9 k then indeed its a steal.

Excellent VFM at this price that too with floorstanders, surrounds and a nice center channel, check it out at future bazar and go ahead..

the marantz 301 with jamo hcs 406 are home! i think i'm quite satisfied with the combo!
reviews welcome. thanks,
merry christmas, and have a happy new year 09

best wishes,
Hello All,

First day, first Q!

No offence but there is a lot of info in many posts here. So, first order of business don't do a poll. YOu should start with a search of the forums and if you don't find what you are looking for, post a question in the appropriate thread.
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