upgrading speakers for Yamaha YHT-195


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May 16, 2009
Hey everyone, I found this forum very useful when it comes to discussing about audio so I decided to join up.

I'll post my first questions, hope you guys don't mind :).

I recently bought the Yamaha YHT-195 set, and find the speakers that comes included lacking when it comes to quality.

So I'm looking for a new set of 5.1 speakers set that can be used with the Yamaha receiver.

Does anyone know of any good place or sites that sells 5.1 speakers and deliveries it to your home?

How do I know which speakers are compatible with the Yamaha receiver?

Also will speakers set like these work with it?
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Welcome to the forum :)! hope you enjoy here !

Coming to your query,the speaker package that you've given link of,is almost a perfect match for the AVR of YHT195 ! The full package list that you've posted ;)!

This is the Yamaha thing you are talking bout right ?


The AVR is rated 100W which is normal in today's date ! so it wouldn't have any problems driving the selected speakers !!

But having said that I also would like to say that,it looks more cloned polk Audio speakers then a original design ! so how good they'll sound Am not sure !! Sound quality is something which you'll have to check (Audition if possible or see what other options you have) and then take a call !

On the other hand I would like to suggest this speaker package ! this is from a 40yr old British company ! I have heard this model myself and can recommend without hesitation ! it sounds awesome for the money one is expected to pay for it !!


Although I was not able to locate a dealer in Au for this but still you can give it a try and see ! the store in the link below did have them but seems no longer available,just call and check to see if they have some stock left ;)!!

Gale HT Speaker Package

Hope this helps !

Thank you very much for your great input, much appreciated.
Yup that is indeed the Yamaha receiver I was talking about. I'll have a look at those speakers you mention. :)
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im only interested in bumping up its stereo performance,so i gues only the two front speakers should be replaced.
if i have to upgrade just the fronts, what should i opt for?
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