Velodyne CHT 10/12R Vs Polk Audio DSW PRO 500/600 Vs Sonodyne SLF 200A


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Apr 14, 2008

I am planning to upgrade my subwoofer Sonodyne ROAR IIC (8'') with one of the following -

CHT10 R (10'' from Velodyne) - MRP 45000
CHT12 R (12'' from Velodyne) - MRP ???
DSW PRO -500 (10'' from Polk Audio) - MRP 23000
DSW PRO -600 (12'' from Polk Audio) - MRP 29000
SLF 200A (10'' from Sonodyne) (Studio > SLF Series) - MRP 25000.

Usage 50% movies + 50 music,
room size - 270 Sq Ft
Requirement - clean, tight bass
Budget - 35K.

Which one should I go for?

Looking forward to your opinion and advice,

In my opinion, Velodyne is GROSSLY over-priced in India (Look up the US$ pricing on amazon to see what I mean). I own the Polk DSW 500 and I'm happy with its musicality and movie thrills ability. I like its flexibility to be positioned as front-firing OR down-firing. And I love its credit card size full-function remote. Its bigger brother DSW600 has very good reviews in other international forums (e.g. AVS forum). Yet another option that will fit in your 35K budget woudl be the Wharfedale SW-250. You may find useful info in another thread in the forum (speakers section I think) titled "subwoofer under 20K??" Look it up. Do keep us posted as you progress your auditions. Thats fun.:)
check out Jamo 250 Sub too, Jamo is a Danish company with quality sound & design, considering to buy the jamo sub250 myself...
I have read good things about Subs from Outlaw - but donno if they are available in India..
Any one knows?
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