Vinyl in Delhi?


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Feb 9, 2009
Hello folks,

Can anyone advise on places in Delhi to find Vinyl records?

In particular looking for Indian classical or western rock pressed on Indian vinyl (several american friends are keen on that) should I be lucky to have choices.

On a trip 6 years ago I hit a shop in Karol Bagh that kept a bunch of vinyl in a smokey downstairs room but they no longer carry.

Having grown up mostly in the USA I am not even familiar with how to sleuth for such shops / places.

We will be in Delhi in a couple of weeks and any help appreciated!


Edit added later:
After looking at another thread I picked out Gypsy Corner in Karol Bagh as one possible place. Wonder if that is the place I went to many years ago. My recent word is that they no longer carry vinyl. Anyone with recent knowledge?
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Man, I wish I was in Delhi right now as well. Indian classical records are very difficult to get here and when you do, they normally are expensive or not in a great condition.

Any of you guys willing to make some sort of list of the vinyl available for purchase?

Also, any details of this shop like contact information would be very helpful. Maybe they would be willing to ship to the US.

On the other hand, it would be so much better if you guys can confirm the quality / condition of the particular LP.

Would someone be willing to buy on my behalf and ship to me?
there r a coupla guys i kno. one in meena bazaar and one in daryaganj. they got a ton of stuff. only, one has to carefully check.
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