What's a good place to get a voice-coil wound in Bangalore?


Mar 29, 2015
I've got a dead 5 ohm 10" speaker driver from a COSMIC system. I want to cut out the dust-cap using a "detail" knife and replace the voice coil. However I read that you can just as easily buy a new voice coil or have it wound for the driver.

Is there anyone in Bangalore that does this sort of thing? (how would I figure out the gauge of the voice-coil that was used in winding the speaker so that I can roll my own) Any place in Bangalore that sells different gauges of enameled copper wire? (screw gauge does come to mind but will it be of sufficient accuracy)

Also how do I balance the impedance against the second speaker? (assuming that's needed - this system has two independent channels but the volume's the same so..) (I'm not super finicky about quality)
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I did some further google and making an Aluminium former's the tricky part [to hold the kapton tape+coil while it's being wound using a drill]. It needs to be machined using a lathe. Kapton tape can be used instead of paper and magnet wire can be bought at KR Electricals Chickpet area. Glue/lacquer - Araldite's been used.
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