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Sep 28, 2008
Hi folks,

Looking for 5.1 speakers for laptop.

Some in my list: (ebay cost)
Creative Inspire T6100 (apprx 4500)
Creative Inspire SBS A500 (apprx 3500)
Creative Inspire M5300 (apprx 4100)

Iam not sure of other brands. Let me know which to buy. If other brands are better than the above, i shall look into them.
My budget: max 5000Rs. Iam not looking for hifi stuff, but reasonably ok enough to watch movies. Normally is there any warranty given for multimedia speakers in price range of upto 5000Rs? I so see some options like "wired remote control". How useful is this? Or is there any better option?

Any contact points (showrooms, dealers) in bangalore? If SP road, do provide me the contact details.

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Are you planning to buy USB sound card?
As laptop does not have 5.1 out and what these speakers at best can offer s psudo surround.

Very very few ( I think of only 2 Logitec models ,5500 & 5300 have built in decoders and that too Optical and Co axial One)
No speakers in my knowledge have USB 5.1 DD & DTS decoder.
Thanks Hemant.
Oh!!! Then i need a separate budget for USB sound card!!!
Well, can you then recommend the brand and the apprx cost too? Where can i source the same? So if i get a USB sound card, will these (Logitec models ,5500 & 5300 ) fit in?
Creative around 4-5 k

eBay India: Creative USB Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Sound Card (item 180463156627 end time 06-Feb-2010 17:04:00 IST)

Forum anyone knows cheaper 5.1 Dolby Digital,or DTS analougue out card

Maneji Logitec 5500 or 5300 will be more expensive thna 5000 ( Last heard 550 was around 13-15 K)

Now you can attach ANY 5.1 speakers ( so ofcourse which you mentioned to this sound card)

Or can I know you plan to use it in home?

1) Buy ultrachaep Philips HTIB @ 6-9 K and connect laptop to aux out
2) Buy 2.1 Speakers ,in 5 k you will get far better options

Do you have a DVD player lying? Which Model?
So usb sound card and 5.1 speakers would work. Fine! Right now i want to pair only with my laptop.
My DVP 3005 Philips is an old model already dying. Just pushing it further. That's the reason iam going in for multimedia speakers at this time.
Iam only upgrading my laptop path.
Iam not looking into HTIB now. I already have A2 setup for music.
So ASUS Xonar U1 would work? Which 5.1 speakers would do justice?
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stay away from creatives, their woofers suck and their mediums are too prominent. take it from someone whos had a creative 7.1 for 5 years.

altec lansing or harman kardon please. or even the dvd home theatres from philips or sony NO CREATIVES, youll like it at start then get bored real fast with the boring non dynamic sound
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