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Why do I need Tv screen protector with Anti-UV protection?

Mogami Cables


New Member
Oct 28, 2013
Why Do I Need Tv Screen Protector with Anti-UV protections since the new screen technologies such as Led, release minimum radiation?

According to new research the new technology monitors release little radiation which is not harmful for the user when the following measures are kept:
1.The use of the TV or the computer screen for two hours a day with regular breaks and specific distances that the majority of people do not actually keep.
2.The use of correct settings in contrast and backlight (ex. arrangements that do not arrive until the upper levels brightness / contrast) especially when the environment has low light, which most of the population does not comply with.
3. The use of proper lighting in the surrounding area in order to avoid unwanted reflections that harm the eyes on the screen.
In summary, it is correct that the new technology screens do not significantly affect the human eyes and health with the radiation emitted under certain conditions. This has as a result, the minimum radiation emitted after hours of viewing and of wrong lighting arrangements, to operate collectively and to finally cause severe side effects long as CVS syndrome and its derivatives.