yamaha NS-8390 speakers & RX-V459


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Nov 12, 2007
hi ppl,

i auditioned yamaha NS-8390 speakers & RX-V459 amp today. liked them. Wat you ppl think of them. kindly enlighten the poor soul . Also if anybody knows the price of speaker and amp and can share with me that will be great.


Hi vivek,

I have RXV459 driving Sonodyne Sonus 2605 towers and an old generation Yamaha YSTSW305 sub (200 watt). The total package is outstanding w.r.t. sound for a beginner venturing into high grade audio. This setup demands careful positioning of speakers and parameter settings in the AVR, this will take time ?.. but take my word the effort will be every worth the sound produced.
The AVR you selected is good at this price point but definitely do check out more for speakers . I got the RXV459 for 21000 (with papers) and if you live in Mumbai or Bangalore then it will be much less than this price.

For speakers there are many options other than Yamaha.

Yamaha is known to make good AVR?s at various price points but their speakers are not so exciting. There are a lot more speaker options under 30~35grand and do try to check as many of them as possible.

But remember for any setup IMHO the positioning of speakers and then total setting up of the AVR electronics (if using an AVR for amplification) for room dimensions will yield amazing results even from moderately rated/priced equipment. This is what I have experienced myself.

hi Pranay,

Thanks for teh reply. I have changed my idea of 8390 speakers :), i have zeroed on the below 4:

1. wharfedale diamonds 8.4
2. Wharfedale crystal 40
3. polk audio monitor 50
4. Mordaunt shorts carnival 6 (kevlar cone)

I am yet to audition Mordaunt shorts carnival 6, as far amp is concerned you are right i might get a good deal in mumbai or banglore. I am also looking for the possibility of getting the amp from USA or UK because i found out that they are cheaper three times from here. I am sure you must be enjoying sonus :)


Yes Vivek, Rightly said.

The price of A/V equipments outside India specially in developed markets is very low. You will not believe the sub which i am using right now, though it is a generation older, i got it from Tokyo and the rupee price was a little less than Rs.7000...!! i was just amazed at the price and without a thought bought it, though later i had to pay 1800rupees as charge for extra luggage. The sub weighed 26kgs. (it has 2 nos. 8 inch drivers and is 200watts) and was an unthinkable bargain for me , even though Yamaha subs are not rated high but again sound depends upon a lot more other factors and i have been able to set it up after a lot of effort.

I had started my system with the sub first..., used the sub with a creative multimedia speakers connected to my PC via speaker level inputs for 6 months and then bought the AVR and Tower speakers.

You have a lot more good speaker choice ... check each and every one thoroughly and then decide. Sonus is good but ur budget will allow you a larger range to select from.

Enjoy auditions....

Try auditioning-

a) Tannoy- Mercury F1 Custom series.
b) Wharfedale Diamonds 8
c) Mordaunt Short Premiere package

My suggestion, avoid Polk. For HT it might be ok, but might not be very good with Music. Again, its my personal suggestion!

All the best.
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