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Yamaha RX-V675 with Tannoy HTS 101 OR Wharfedale DX-1 HCP?



New Member
Apr 13, 2014
UK, London
After reading a bit about the specs that are specified in the brochures and trying to understand a bit to help differentiate Speaker packages, I think I've now got my mind set on the Wharfedale DX-1's vs the Tannoy HTS 101's.

Especially, on Frequency Response alone, you can see that the Wharfedale's at 120Hz-20kHz (Satellite) 80Hz-20kHz (Centre) go lower then the Tannoy's at 100Hz-40kHz (All Speakers).

Then the Tannoy's have a Cutoff Frequency of -6dB which isn't common, the Wharfedale's have the regular -3dB Cutoff Frequency which is the same as most high end Speakers.

I'm not sure why the Centre Speaker for the Wharfedale's have a different Frequency Response, but as most Speech comes out through that Speaker I suppose it can't be a bad thing.

If only the Wharfedale's Sensitivity/dB was a tad bit higher with the Wharfedale's at 84dB (Satellite) 86dB (Centre) then the Tannoy's at 87dB (All Speakers).

http://www.tannoy.com/productseries/21/HTS Brochure LR_20111116.pdf

I've called a couple of shops and they don't allow demo for these small speakers and only big ones, so I need to do this off reviews and specs.

Of those that have reviewed both the Wharfedale's and Tannoy's together, it is said the Wharfedale's are warmer and bassier compared to the Tannoy's.

Would you agree on the basis of specs that the Wharfedale's are a better set of Speakers?

I will be using it for 70% Movies/BluRay and 30% Music/YouTube. Has anyone demo'd both of these Speakers, which one was LOUDER?