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yesterday had my nightmare



Active Member
Jan 24, 2011
iam the most happiest owner of samsung ps51d550 for last two months, yesterday thought to play with my tv, so entered service menu( tried it long back , but since i lost pip function i reversed to 551 model.)playing with model change , i thought to enter some other menu...
did some change... to my horror hdmi calibration failure was reported..
colour of tv changed with high hue( reddish picture)
from 11`pm to morning 3 am, i tried all settings..
1. updated firmware via usb
2.changed modal no
3. changed make no.
4. changed screen size
5.restored factory settings

sometimes my remote stopped working.. sometime my tv front button also stopped responding. i had to switch off tv, enter into stand by using sleep timer( waiting for 2/3 minutes)..
nothing solved..
at 3 am fed up of settings.. i switched off TV
suddenly i thought to Google to see any such thing happened for others
lucky lucky lucky
avs forum reported an solution....
they told to use checker board picture as pc desktop and restart hdmi calibration..
i downloaded 4 pictures.. prayed all gods for 5 minutes..
tried one picture...
my heart thumbed and calibration reported success and picture returned normal..
switched off, restarted tv. checked once again and happily slept till 9 a.m
my strong advice please dont enter service menu....
learn to be happy with what we got
happy that i purchased samsung.. though worst indian customer care support, but has the best support by owners globally...
any problem solution is available..


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Feb 21, 2011
This happens to all of us who are tech savy, no worries, come what may, we will also bring it back to normal. You did. But it would be worth seeing the expression on your face when calibration was thrown out of line :clapping: