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Assistance with choice for a window ac

Mogami Cables


New Member
Nov 3, 2013
Greetings everyone,

I know this is primarily a site for A/V equipment but I did notice a few posts around air cons and was impressed with the knowledge/detail in them so posting here.

I am looking for 1.5Ton window AC for my bedroom.
I will be using it very sparingly, around 40-50 nights during summer and that too just for 3-4 hours (I am in Mumbai which doesn't get that bad) so power saving is not my prime concern hence I have decided against inverter ACs or even 4-5 star ones.

The major factors for me are noise generated, price and after sales service, in that particular order. Based on these I have narrowed down my choices to these two:

1. Hitachi RAW318KTD:



I am planning to buy it from Croma Mumbai, they are both available around the same price. I was sold on the Hitachi thanks to their brand but was turned off by tons of online reviews complaining about their pathetic after sales and also the noise specially when the compressor kicks in.

LG is a brand which I have used before and am satisfied with it but I find it a little boring and believe that hitachi has better features and build quality.

Any input/thoughts? I am planning to capitalise on the "diwali sale" and pick it up in the next few days so a prompt response will be much appreciated.

Cheers and wishing everyone a happy Diwali! :)