azur cd 540 or marantz cd 5001 for marantz pm 7001


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Dec 13, 2008
Milan Vihar, IP Extention, Delhi
i m planning to buy marantz cd player 5001 for Rs 12000/- from chennai to be paired for my amp pm 7001. but i read many reviews on this forum which says azur is better than marantz 5001. will it be compatible with pm 7001.please suggest.
There is no compatibility problem here. I would say Cambridge is a better one according to me. CD5001 is also good. Although I think Marantz Pm6002 is better than both of these. Particularly one more thing to note is 5001 and 540 dont play mp3's. 6002 plays them. Not the reason to buy that but still if that matters that can help you.
In my opinion, go for CD5001. I had CA 640C but sold it off and bought 5001. Very happy with my decision.

If you are also in the headphone, CD5001 comes with a built in HP amp which itself is worth $200.
No issues of compatability. Either is competent.

The convenience of using the amp remote to control the cd matters to some as does components from the same brand for aesthetic reasons.

Request a home demo of both plus the 6002 and take a final call.

please do let us know ur experience if u already had a demo with 5001,6002, CA 640C or 540. what is the price for pm6002 in chennai and any dealers detail.

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