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Mar 9, 2009

The Alan Parsons Soundcheck 2 CD with SPL meter was bought from the APP online site by my brother and sent to Chennai by USPS mail.

It is a valuable tool to gauge whether the subwoofer and front speakers are firing in phase as the 90/80 Hz test tone will be boosted if they are.

I feel that if one has a powerful subwoofer, he will benefit by setting Fronts as small. I definitely am enjoying this setting very much.

Remember, I played back the 90 Hz tone with the avr set to straight (or 2.1). with the Fronts set to small like all the other speakers.

I adjusted the distance setting of the sub on the AVR.

The reading peaks when the distance setting of the sub is in phase with the fronts.

Distance setting alters the speaker DELAY..please note this.

It is my finding that if one has a powerful subwoofer, like the SW 150, the bass is truer and smoother if all the bass is sent to subwoofer only, even if the temptation is to send bass to other "Large" extremely bass capable speakers as well,like my Zaldek 2000s.

Hence I have set all speakers as small.

Having gone in for a budget AVR like the RX-v 450, the fact is that I am able to divert more money and buy a world class Subwoofer like the SW 150 of Wharfedale.

I feel that even if one has to compromise on the price of one's speakers, He can benefit from buying a powerful subwoofer and investing more on a sub.

The result is spectacular.

Hope this helps u folks out there..

Drink more coffee as the TV ads say it has the most antioxidants.


MJ rules:cool:
hi subcenter,

cool that you are enjoying your system, but about the sw 150 being world class is open to interpretation-

for example (from CNET)

Home-theatre displays of bravado weren't as impactful as those of, say, JBL's or Klipsch's more dynamic performers. For example, when the tsunami crashes into Manhattan on the DVD The Day After Tomorrow, the SW150 failed to transmit the wave's force as powerfully as we'd have liked. We'd certainly give the sub a passing grade if we were to judge it solely on its deep bass extension and power.:sad:

Money Speaks for itself.. I guess.

I guess myself extremely fortunate to be able to finally pay for a SW 150.

We could not even think of affording a Philips Powerhouse or Videocon SL 3127 some 20 years back.

Akai Bush and Uranus were something to drool over every Friday on the Hindu's Friday Features pages.

Cerwin Vega and Rethm are poles apart, yet one considers Wilson audio etc to be worth the money you can afford to in/sanely spend.

I wanted to share with the folks how to get the best quality of Bass from the resources at hand.

I know that the SW 150 has its limits and there are many others far far superior in many respects.

hope you get the most outtta them:rolleyes:

But this humble sub is a proud winner of a What HIFI magazine's best subwoofer in its class award. So, dont write it off just yet..


Hi subcentre,

No offense meant at all - I do not have a home theatre, not even a TV.

and I have only heard the speakers you mentioned, would not dream of paying cash for them!

I plan to have a home theater in about two or three years time, and i have been reading about such things on the net - i have been especially interested in subwoofers, and must have read reviews of more than a hundred of them.

So, when i saw your post, I was immediately interested when i saw "world class subwoofer", but the reviews were not in line. and that is why i posted.

So relax, and forgive me if I have offended you:)

I have a complaint.:p

This so-called Humble specimen that is the SW 150 has a strange side-effect.. It helps me 'go' each morning by making vibrations felt when I am on my "Throne" in the adjoining bathroom. As long as the building doesn't cave in on me, I'm eddified. (that means a newfound :signthankspin: cure for constipation)!

Thanks dear Suri for your replies. I appreciate it.
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