Beware of Worldspace Service


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May 24, 2009
World space and its prompt customer service:sad:

My BPL receiver is taken for the repair assuring me that they return it within 7 days. They took it on 27-Jul-2009, after 7 days I made repeated calls (almost 20-25) to their customer care and Head quarter in Bangalore. Always the reply was same " Sir we will get the exact status and gives you a call back in 24 hours". They never returned a call.

Last Friday (11-Sep-09) they called me and fixed an appointment at 6.00 PM for returning the receiver which is repaired(Cost 400+). But no one has turned up.

I am not sure what is going on inside the company, I advise everyone to think twice before going for a Worldspace Radio.
Why don't you get the unit back as-is and give it to BPL for repair? Worldspace delivery of music is top notch. I have a feeling they would have forwarded your unit to BPL for service and are stuck in between.

u are spending close to 500 bucks on repairing the receiver, i believe u can get a new one close to 1500, and a used one under 1k, those are also good options to look at
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