Can you suggest an Integrated Amp & CD Player for set up around Dali 5 & 8

Sidharth Trehan

New Member
Sep 28, 2008
Hi friends,
I have just joined in today and rather need some of your inputs on my Audio rack that i need to be up by next weekend.

There are a few options that i have to discuss with you:

AUDIO RACK with AMP suggestions

1) Cyrus 8VS2 + 6SE + Dali Ikon 5
2) Marantz 6002 + (Marantz amp OR NAD C372 OR NAIT 5i) + Dali Ikon5
3) Marantz 6002 + (Marantz amp OR NAD C372 OR NAIT 5i) + Dali Ikon 8

Finally, after giving my above narrowed down suggestion, I would need your help & suggestion on picking the following :

i) Integrated Amp:
Pls note that i dont need huge bass but yes, a decent bass. I loved what i heard on Musical fidelity while auditioning Dali 5, 6, 8.

Please note i have the Dali 5 right now and shall be adding Dali 8 later on, when we move to our new place next month.

ii) CD Player
I have auditioned Marantz 6002 ..suited fine to my ears but that was on a 2lacs worth Musical fidelity amplifier. So you could suggest for 6002 or suggest another music player.

You must be concerned about my budget as well, so to share with you - Budget wise i am pretty comfortable with Option 2 - Marantz cd6002 + int amp (to be finalized) + Dali 5

Many thanks for your time & suggestions.

Sidharth Trehan
we carry the Decco from peachtree audio which is a combination of
1. A DAC
2. A tube pre
3. A solid state amp

The company that distributed Musical Fidelity in North America claims that this dac is better sounding than the MF Nu Vista. Anyway i think its outstanding VFM. Before you ask - its available only in Bangalore. Decco2 will be launched in about 8 weeks
thanks for the suggestion there sir.

I shall indeed have to hear the piece first before i pick it up, so geographically it does not seem feasible unfortunately.

my regards
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