Chennai-HFV Meet 1 - 6 Dec 2009


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Dec 4, 2008
Chennai, India
Thanks to the bubbling enthusiasm of all the C-HFV members, we had a great time and the first meet was in my mind a resounding success. Here is the summary

Location: Ignite garage, ECR
Time: 4 pm to 5 pm (planned) 4.15 pm to 7.30 pm (actual)

Agenda1: Introduction

Well what we thought would be 10 mins affair in fact went to 30+ mins with each of us giving a nice background information about themselves. We had a bunch with varying profiles, from doctors to IT guys, Captains to Bank Security Manager, Entrepreneurs to Event Management guys, and off course Lawayers

Members who attended:
1. ghouseam
2. venkatesh
3. MBR
4. Flanker
5. soundadvice
6. srinisundar
7. Venkatcr
8. Naseer
9. Psychotropic
10. Gannyboy
11. Mark (Craftel)
12. Srikarkav
13. Ramesh
14. Vortex
15. Tellranga
16. Capt Rajesh
17. Sashi Kumar
18. Thad-E-Ginathom

If I have missed anyone, pls ping me, I will add (sorry for the inconvenience). I will post pics with names in the next thread

Agenda 2: Understanding impact of electricity on equipments

We discussed in detail, so for the benefit of the people who didnt attend, for us, there are 3 different stabilizers which comes into picture:

CVT: Constant voltage stabilizer. This gives a constant voltage of says 220V for a given input ranging from 170 to 270v. These type of stabs dont have any moving part and is available only upto 1 KVa. Howvere, Venkat pointed out that these do not create pure current so not advisable for musical equipments.

Servo stabs: Servo stabs are bigger in size and they include a transformer. They are mechincal in nature and the provide clean current unlike CVT. Servo also provide a constant 220V of clean current for an input ranging between 170 to 280 and they cut off anything above or below that range. These are best advised for audio and visual equipments. For 1 KVA the cost ranges from 4k+ depending on the specification you want. The advantages of them are:

Clean current thereby increasing life of the equipments
Constant voltage thereby improving performance of equipment (proper bass, good PQ in plasmas)
Reduction in current, in a basic calculation we did on the fly, for nominal 1 KVA servo, we will be able to save upto 10 to 15 units a month

Automatic Stabilizers: These are basically what we buy for individual equipments. Instead, we go for one stabilizer for each phase in our house and forget buying for each equipment. The capacity of the stab for each phase will be determined based on your needs. They range from 5 to 20+ KVa and costs from 3k+. These stabs, unlike a constant voltage, one will ensure current supply is always between 210 to 240 depending on the input. They do cut off if its below 170 or above 280. These are advisable for household appliances.

We can discuss more details in the thread.

The company that did the KT session was Alpha Power corp Alpha Power Corporation you can contact Mr.Gopal - Vice President at 9840820316

Agenda 3: Good Music System presentation by VenkatCR

This was an awesome presentation by our C-HFV guru VenkatCR. It covered the basics of music system with content ranging from budget to various systems, what is frequency to speaker placements. It was really an enlightening presentation and in typical Venkat style, comprehensive but no boring, articulated details without being overly confusing, practical tips with clear bombardment of misconceptions.

A big thanks to Venkat and Sri for the projector.

Agenda 4: Next session
The various plans for next session was discussed, will open a new thread for this. We are planning to have the next session at Decobels so that we can have a proper demo session listening to various CDs, frequencies, systems and so on. Venkat will talk to Decibels about it and we will finalize. The tentative date is Mid Jan.

Finally, a BIG THANKS to Flanker for opening up Ignite for our use and Sound_Advice for the Hot Samosa sponsorship

Update Dec 11: Pricing of servos is discussed in
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Congratulations to you guys and the Chennai forum members for initiating this meet.

Keep up the great work.
VenkatCR's presentation


You can view the rest of the slides as pictures in the following link:
GoodMusicSystem - Album - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

(Before viewing select Sort : Oldest to Newest in the sort drop-box to view slides in proper order

A nice event!!!!!
Thanks, for the info/snaps.

Thanks MBR & all
The slides are good guide and informative
Congrats on conducting a successful meet. Very good information and excellent slides. Waiting for the pics :)

I am still kicking myself for missing the meet.

Chennai log, great going! That seems to be excellent response for the first meet up. I hope things pick up in other cities too including Cochin:D, anybody listening?
Mbr, thanks for posting the link to the presentation.
the meet was a blast.......thanks to flanker for the great Ram for getting Mr. gunasekaran.....and venkat for a very informative presentation that was an excellent primer on stereo hi fi.
when i view the slides one by one i see a grey band in the lower section which hides the last few lines of every slide. Is it only me or has anyone else faced this problem.

I am new to the forum and this Slides are very much informative. Thanks for uploading it.
Here is the first of the group pic...await more :)


Guys, pls PM me and identify yourself in the pic (if wrong) so I can update the list. Forgive me, I am very bad in remembering names and numbers (my own phone number is stored in my phone :p )

Row 1 (on the steps, left to right):
1. Sridhar (Srikarkav)
2. Mohammed Ghouse (ghouseam)
3. Vinay (Psychotropic)
4. Venkat CR - the Dancing King!
5. Bala (Vortex)
6. Urs Truly (MBR)

Row 2 (on the floor, left to right):
1. Srisundar (Srinisundar)
2. Dr.Ganesh (gannyboy)
3. Capt. Rajesh
4. Ramesh (KingFisher)
5. Arjun (Sound_Advice)
6. Venkat
7. Sashi Kumar
8. venkatesh (svenkateshsmart)
9. Naseer
10. Mark (Craftel)

one more pic:

People missing in the group picture:

Raghav (Flanker)


Nik (Thad-E-Ginathom) in kurtha and dhothi

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Seems like all of u had a great time.
Anyway thanks MBR for the pics. Now I can put a face to some of my 'friends' in HFV.
Hi ram,

Thanks for the pics. Yes i agree with you that the meet is a great success.

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MBR - Thanks for posting the pictures. I wonder when will we have such a get together in NCR (Delhi and around)!


We had a blast yesterday and the meet was so informative and all the members were really "open" for suggestions.

I must mention there are 2 real lucky guys who attended the meet, 1, sound_advice - he brought his wife along and she was there for the whole meet:clapping: (not sure what happened thereafter:eek:hyeah:), 2. SriniSundar - I had a chance to audit his system, his wife was very supportive and his 3-year-old daughter is his best companion and she was instructing me on projector, blu-ray, DVDs, etc., yesterday:eek:hyeah::yahoo:

Overall, I had a blast and the session by Mr. VenkatCR was very informative, especially his presentation skills and the explanation of terminologies like "bright, harsh, dull, sweet, heavy, lush," were simply awesome! I was going to skip the meet due to my upcoming exams, but these guys just made the day great! Also, the meet was delicious (samoza) and chill (coke)!

Special thanks to:
1. Mr. VenkatCR for his great presentation and valuable inputs.:clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:
2. Ram for bringing folks from Alpha and for everything happened yesterday.:clapping::clapping:
3. Gannyboy for his initiative.:clapping::clapping::clapping:
4. Flanker for the venue.:clapping::clapping:
5. Srinisunar for his projector!:clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:
6. TheVortex, Psychotropic, CaptRajesh, SashiKumar, Venkat for making the meet more interactive.:clapping::clapping::clapping:
7. Sound_advice for samoosa.:eek:hyeah::clapping:
8. Thad E Thinathom for his "costume" and his attendance.:eek:hyeah:

Looking forward eagerly to the next meeting!

I am taking a small break from you guys for a while due to my exams and will meet you next year!

Thanks for uploading the Pictures & Slides Ram.

Those slides are pretty informative, short & crisp - Now we need to imagine that with Venkat's presentation.
If all the chennai members join in "Chennai HiFi Chapter" group.That will use to identify chennai Member.

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