Denon 3700 with external amp for fronts vs Denon 4700


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Mar 10, 2013
Hi folks,

I m planning to upgrade my HT setup from yamaha rx471 + Polk TL1600 speakers and had been researching on my next audio gear. I m on 2 minds which AVR to choose. Either denon 3700/ marantz 6015 or denon 4700/marantz 7015.

Both Denon 4700/marantz7015 have same amplifier with THD of 0.05% ( compared to 0.08% in lower models 3700/6015)

The price difference between 3700 and 4700 is roughly 50k. My question is what additional benefit do I get in 4700 by paying 50k more than 3700. I understand the sw n calibration settings r better in 4700/7015. But is it significant material difference in sound reproduction. Is adding an external amp to drive fronts using 3700 is better option than 4700?

My HT room is 13.25 x 17.75 ft. Enclosing floor plan pics n room actual pics for reference. Also, exploring if I shd get new towers or use my kef q300 for fronts. I m planning to start with upgrading my AVR, get a kef q650c center channel and add 2 Atmos cieling speakers. Use my polk TL as satellite speakers as surrounds n rear for now and buy proper surround speakers later which give better experience.

I m undecided if I shd use my kef q300 as surrounds n get towers fr front. But doing so will keep increasing my budget. Also if I use external amp... Driving front towers wd b super good.

Please share your thoughts on my dilemma denon 3700 vs 4700 (or marantz 6015 vs 7015). Front Bookshelves vs towers.


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