ELAC Speakers


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Jan 15, 2009
Havent read too much here about ELAC speakers. I had a chance to listen to the ELAC BS 123 bookshelves and was really impressed - and the price is within my budget too. Does anyone else here have experience with ELAC.

How do you compare ELAC with other bookshelves like Dali Lektor and Wharfedale Diamond. I've already compared against the Polk Tsi series, QCoustic 1010i and Klipsch Reference series but felt ELAC was superior - at least for my taste in music which is mostly classic rock.

My ears tell me that they're a good choice but I'm a little concerned that nobody else seems to be talking about them :) Is it because they've not been available in India for long (I understand Onkyo is now the distributor for ELAC in India)

Ps. I'm looking for a 5.1 speaker system to go with an Onkyo 606 or Denon 1909.

I think the Quad 12L is a good choice at that (or a little above that) price point.

The best sub-50K bookshelf I've heard, and I know I'll get flamed for it, are the Polk LSi9s. The Vifa ring dome tweeter, Power port and the real wood veneer are very good features not found in speakers at twice the price. reignofchaos would vehemently disagree, but I loved those Polks. They're also the only Polks I've ever loved. Give them a listen, though they're significantly more than your budget, you might want to stretch up to them. Ensure you listen to a well-broken in pair, the tweeter takes a lot of time to open up due to its stiff suspension.

Au contraire I quite like the Polk LSi series :). Its only the RTi and the monitors that I hate - they are pure junk with no refinement.

Considering the fact that you are gonna drive it with a receiver, choose speakers which are not a difficult load. You'd probably have to listen with the particular receiver. The Quads are very nice but I don't like their voicing for rock. For classical/jazz they are very very nice speakers.
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Thanks Cranky! I'm getting the bookshelves at 36k a pair. What's your recommendation for bookshelves at that price point?

Sorry, I may be a bit late on this. I got an initial price of 30k for the Elac BS123 @Modern House, Domlur, Airport Road. This was a couple of months back I think.
Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers in Red Mahogany finish at a Special Offer Price. BUY now before the price increase.