Enabling Subtitles in DivX Movies


Oct 12, 2006
You can enable subtitles in your DivX Movies for standalone DVD players with the following steps :

1) Go to sites like www.opensubtitles.org, www.divxsubtitles.net, www.moviesubtitles.net and download the subtitles for your movies, say Lord of The Ring III : Return of the King.

2) You can choose subtitles as per no of CDs your movie, say 1 CD, 2CD or 3CD for downloading

3) Best option is www.opensubtitles.org. Here you can preview the subtitle file (srt or sub) before downloading it. This is important because the first subtitle file will always match the first DivX CD. Its only matching the subsequent 2nd & 3rd subtitle files with the corresponding Divx CDs that is dicey. Just play the 2nd DivX CD to hear the first dialogue line. Now preview the 2nd subtitle to check whether it matches with the dialogue. If it matches, download it. If it doesn't, go to the next subtitles download link for the movie.

4) Copy the DivX movie and the matching subtitle file into a folder in a new CD. You may name both the movie & subtitle file same to view subtitles in software players like Media Player Classic etc. But this is not required for viewing subtitles in standalone DivX players like Pioneer DV-575-AS, which I hacked with the Gufiak firmware. Only don't keep the subtitles name too long. I had problems with the subtitle of the movie - SKY CAPTAIN & THE WORLD OF TOMORROW. Subtitles were not being displayed. Problem was solved after shortening the subtitle file name to SKY CAPTAIN.srt

5) Play the burned CD. You will get subtitles for your movie. You can turn it off from your remote also. In case of 2CD DivX movies burnt into a single folder on a DVD with two subtitles files, pl use the remote to switch to the 2nd subtitle file the moment the 2 DivX CD plays. Or else, you will get the 1st movie subtitles displayed while the 2nd DivX CD starts. Subtitles in this case will be displayed as 1/2 for 1st subtitle file & 2/2 for 2nd subtitle file.
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