Has anyone heard the new Azur range from CA & the Aviano series from MS?

Dark Feather

New Member
May 22, 2009

Has anyone heard the new Aviano range from Mordaunt Short & the new Azur Range from Cambridge Audio?

If yes, then can you please post your opinions over here.

How does the Aviano1 compare to the Avant 902is?

Am looking forward to buying one of these - Aviano1 + 550A + 550cdp.

What do you think of the combo?

Thanks in advance,

Pls.allove me further Q-

CA also has popular classical amps like A1, A5.
anyone tried?
Hi Dark Feather

Ive not heard the 550A but i own the 540A.. there doesnt seem to be too much of a difference spec wise between the two.. just some minor tweaks have been made internally.. so not aware whether it will sound too different.. Having said that I can tell you that I am more than happy with the 540A.. I preferred the sound over Marantz and Yamaha.. But then its a personal choice.. Also if space is not a big constraint I would seriously suggest that you have a look at floor standing speakers.. The price difference is not too high than bookshelves but u can actually notice the difference in the sound quality.. Even i was considering bookshelves but then finally settled for Polk Audio TSi300..
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