Help needed to know the artist


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Feb 3, 2009
Hi guys,

Has anyone been to the recent AV exhibition in bangalore......?

In proFX and in another dealer demo room they played a song for demo which was very good.But unfortunately nobody there knows the artist and album details.

The song by a male singer a pop song basically (not rock) one guy looks normal 3 guys body is all blue (Eiffel 65..?)2 guys carries wooden music instrument and one guy carries some kind of string which he waves in the air.

You can also see orange fluid comes out in the song movie.The songs ends in a terrace.

I guessed the artist would be Fray, Effiel 65, but I did so many searches on these names, but no luck..........

Can somebody please help me to locate this song name.......Loads of thanks to you........

Raja Ramachandran
Hey gopi

Man you ROCK !!!!

You are right, I searched with Blue Man group and found the track which I was looking :)

The song name is "Sing Along" featuring "Dave Mathews" and album "The Complex"

Thanks buddy for ending my search :)

Raja Ramachandran
I would have guessed the very same song :) I also liked the band during the demo and bought the CD from US. Its quite catchy at first, but not so on the long run. Anyway, good luck with the CD. Try getting the 5.1 CD (yes CD) or if possible the DVD itself.
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