How Important Is Carpetting In A Ht Setup


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Apr 29, 2008
Hi Friends,

My room size is 12 by 16 feet,and has ONKYO TX SR 606 with Pure Acoustics Speakers 5.1 setup.At present ,my flooring is Marble.

I need suggestions from you experts, how important is carpetting the room / is it a must. Should i have to lay carpet for the entire area / or can i use my carpet from my another room which is of size 10 by 8 feet.

The room size to choose upon, will depend what kind of speakers you are having, if they are tower, than indeed bigger room is better.

It is true that marble is not good for the sound.

For acoustic point of view, it is not alone marble which effects the situation, there are host of other factors too which effect.

I had marble flooring, i wanted to change it to wooden flooring, but than this too would have not been good for the sound, so i have made wall to wall carpet. I have gone more ahead by putting thermal like half a inch below the carpet.

Moreover i have gone to the ultimate, my walls are having fabric, ply wood, spunch and glass wool. My cieling is having acoustic tiles made by the world leaders Armstrong.

Please be guided that glass and related items are also not good for the sound, i have near about zero glass items in my theatre room. We have to also remember that in the room hard items should be avoided with specific mention to the flat ones, soft items, will be better.

For reasons if people can not manage wall to wall carpet, than they put around 4 to 6 feet of carpet, ahead of the system.

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Please consider to wait for the suggestions from the other leading members at the forum, then take a call.

Hi Senthil.

A 10' by 8' carpet in a 12' by 16' room should be fine, as long as you have other absorbent material in the room. Make sure there is carpet in front of the speakers.

Putting something on the reflection points on the side wall might have more benefits, than covering the remaining floor area. Some of the remaining floor area would already be covered by the sofas, equipment rack etc. Add some wall carpets, artificial plants, etc. on the sides.

Wall to wall would be great. But even covering the area in front of the front towers would do the job to a great extent.

Also, is your Subwoofer a front-firing/front ported or down firing? With down-firing sub woofers you may have to play with the settings. With some a carpet under it would work, for others it will work better without a carpet underneath. For front ported / front-firing, carpeting wouldn't be a great issue.
Thanks Vinay , Sharad and Ranjee. Ranjee,My Sub is front firing.I have a ready carpet available and shall lay before the speakers.
Are you getting the effects difference by laying the carpet? What size did you lay?

About sub woofer, I want to know what is the difference between front and down firing

So what you are saying is that over all, for the 5 speakers and for other reasons carpet is good, that is what i believe, please guide me.

Are you getting the effects difference by laying the carpet? What size did you lay?


Vinay, i laid 10 by 8 feet carpet before the speakers., and able to feel the difference, (earlier slight Echo effect, has now been avoided,after carpetting.It seems to absorb)
I cant afford any wall to wall insulation now.
Carpetting effect In A Ht Setup


It is nice to hear about the absorption, while i am sure the sound also would have become dynamic, i think there are ways to reduce the wall to wall insulation, which other members will be able to suggest, but you will have to sacrifice some of the results.

On the other hand there have been suggestions to you about how to absorb the sound and related, you can work on that important factor.

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