i m new, u r god for me now ! help ! CA 640A & Eltax 8.4


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Oct 23, 2009
i m new, u r god for me now ! help ! CambridgeAudio Azur 640A & Eltax Symphony 8.4

hello experience holders & my dear enthusiasts audio listening community !
my name is Prasoon.
i am new to the audiophile field ! this directly implies that i never believed that any speaker system can ever deliver the same nirvana i used to get through my 2 years old GRADO SR80i headphones.
my new initial setup was NORGE 4242 amplifier + Eltax symphony 8.4 floorstanders. this amp was temporary till i can get NORGE 2060, as promised by my dear retailer.
as u guys always know that NORGE is always having excess orders ( !? ) so in the event of delay during festive season, my dear retailer introduced to two new amps Marantz PM5003 and Cambridge Audio Azur 640A V2.
i cant identify much difference between NORGE 4242 & Marantz PM5003. both appeared detailed and harsh.
but when i listen Cambridge Audio Azur 640A V2, i felt alot of layering & sweetest sounding amp it was !
since i cant fault much at that time, i decided to extend my budget immediately !
Prices (with Bill) given by retailer at Raipur (chhattisgarh, india) are:
Rs.20,000/- Eltax Symphony 8.4 (denmark) floorstanders 115w RMS countinuous & 230w RMS short time peak value
Rs.6,000/- Norge 4242 -truly amazing for price !!(even double price!)
Rs.24,000/- Cambridge Audio Azur 640A V2 75w RMS per channel

first n biggest problem...Cambridge Audio Azur 640A V2...amazing amp...reproduce exact studio like conditions in my bedroom (14 ft x 12 ft)...i can see hands of congo & drum player !!!.....
.......but cant play at high volumes....if i increase volume after 12 O'clock position in volume dial, then as soon as there is a heavy beat or heavy bass...with bass n treble controls turned to full...there WILL be a guaranteed shutdown with its CAP5 protection showing 3 RED blinks. everytime i had to go and switch off n on from the back panel of the AMP.
this hell of CAP5 feature has taken away all the laurels n given me negative energy overshadowing all the fun i had listening at lower volumes.
For the first time in my life, an amp has introduced fear in my mind to increase volume while listening!??:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::sad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
i returned amp to my dear retailer, n he asked cambridge audio people n they replied that its a protection feature n they cant do anything!?
on their site they state that british amps give their full output at 12 O'clock position. OK OK OK WTF
i say that if the bass is too heavy then clipping should be performed for protection..why they will shutdown the amp that cant even be switched on with remote?? !! who the hell designed this system??:mad::mad::mad:

Second n debatable Problem is that Cambridge audio is never NEVER FEEL loud, they r always sweet ! i like it ...but hey! not always sweetness required, i may get diabetes ;) ..i mean do u wanna listen to Hard metal in studio like conditions?? dude! they r meant to be exaggerated with volume !

Third problem is that when i connected the system with my PC having ASUS NEO-DTS soundcard with 24 bit 192khz sampling n VISTA installed, the amp will give a big hum when i raise volume above 12 O"clock position, hence i desperately seek a source...for my huge CDs, please suggest a solution for around Rs.10000-12000, some say that Philips DAC in their 5000/- player is nice, but i feel that cheap players are mixing all the drums with beats flat bass response.

hey my new friends ! Please comment for Eltax + cambridge combo, Philips DVD player! Anyone having same standby problem with Cambridge audio?? how many Eltax users are out there in india?? i respect their sound !;)
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