I want to buy a Hometheatre System or Reciever in the budget of Rs. 20,000 to 30,000


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Oct 6, 2007
Hi Guys,
I am Dhiraj. I stay at worli (Mumbai) and I want to buy a home theatre system. My Budget is 20 to 30k. It can be total home theatre system or can be receiver with 5.1 speakers. I have Philips HTS3300 Hometheatre which I had bought before 2 year. And I am not satisfied with it.

My criteria is:
1: I love the pop, rock, classical music, (Prefer hindi Songs most) this system can play any sound from, dholak, tabla to drums, computer generated music as well as movies with real surround effect. (Currently my philips home theatre doesn't play dholak and tabla very good..I know philips is not good choice for Audio though )
2: It should have floor shaking bass as well as the fine treble. From low range to high range.(I hope this can I get in my 30k budget)

I recently read the magazine "What HI-Fi?" sound and vision. and in that they have suggested:
1: Samsung HT-TX25 home theatre system with wireless rear speaker (Though they have mentioned it doesn't have floor shaking bass, but treble is good) cost is around 20k
2: Sony DAV-DZ855KW cost 40k both have tall boy. (1000W of RMS)

But I listen the demo for both but the I am not impressed with the sound quality..(But it has very stylish look)

I am impressed with the demo of sony Home Theatre Component System - HT-DDW685 here is the link :

It has a 2 woofers and 5 speakers with amplifer. (600RMS output) It sounds very good rather than the above tallboy though they have more RMS output. And I am surprised about this...!!!!

I wanted to try this one: http://www.sony.co.in/product/ht-ddw1600%2Fbundle/sku/ht-ddw1600%2F%2Fpackage?site=hp_en_IN_i

but the model is so ugly and it is very huge, and my hall is not so big ( it is 16 ft X 10 ft)

Ok..so guys you have any other options which can fulfill my above requirements. I have heard and read about the brands..Onkyo, Yamaha etc. I was not even thinking of them as I can not afford them (I guess). Even I went to all the main showrooms like, sonymony, vijay sales at Prabhadevi..they didn?t even suggest us to buy these brand or these brands are not available in these showrooms.? Where can I listen the demo for these brand, coz without the demo I can not buy it.. Or do we have the sites of these brands with the dealers in Mumbai and Cost..?

So guys please advice me on this.

Re: I want to buy a Hometheatre System or Reciever in the budget of Rs. 20,000 to 30,

For you kind of budget I do not think you can get any better than what you have already heard. If you are looking for big sound with good bass then you need larget speakers. If you can stretch you budget check out http://www.hifivision.com/special-o...e-30-5-1-home-theatre-speakers-under-45k.html

This will surely provide you with pounding bass.
Re: I want to buy a Hometheatre System or Reciever in the budget of Rs. 20,000 to 30,

Thanks Jagat,
I will rethink on my budget..
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