Mac to receiver, 12 uncompressed channels?


New Member
Jan 8, 2022
Hi -

I’m shopping for an AVR that can receive a 12.1.4 mix from a Mac. I’ve got some other things on my ideal-criteria list, currently eyeing a Tonewinner at-300.

But my main question is about the best way to get a 12 channel mix to a standard AVR connection (digitally). From what i can tell, hdmi 2 or greater (e-arc) may be my only hope as other connection types typically found on avrs don’t support enough bandwidth/channels.

Will an AVR typically show up as an audio device in macOS (Big Sur) when connected with an hdmi 2.0+ cable? If so, how many channels are typically presented? Clock options? Sample rates?

Or, is some sort of conversion needed? If so, what’s the best way to go about it? Some sort of virtual audio device like Dante Virtual Soundcard? Or ginger? Or loopback? What sort of connections/dongles/hubs would be needed?

Ideal use case would be:
- 12 (or more) channels
- at up to 96khz (or more), though I could maybe live with 48khz for the time being if that was all that was possible.
- obviously stability is important.

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