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Sep 23, 2007

Hey guys its been raining here since some days (well actually from months )

So some of the rose plants in the pot garden that my aunt has,had some beautiful roses so yesterday after rains it was a magnificent site to see !! hence got this moment on the cam and wanted to share it with you guys !!

I've been playing with the cam from the day I bought It :p !! So let me know how is the pics (also perhaps my Photographic skills)






So guys what are you waiting for ??? get busy and flood me with feedbacks :D !!

I am not a good critic of photography as i dont understand it much
But for sure your hardware and your skills seems to be very good. Colours are vibrant and realistic

My fav is the last one :)

Hey pal,thanks a lot !! Have tried to do my best !! kept various things in mind before shooting and to a large extent I think I've succeeded !!

i see ..sreekanth is in romantic mood this monsoon...:p

great pictures ....must be in MACRO mode ...

next ..i am waiting for a few pictures of well populated circuit boards ....what ever be the board ...

must look as professional as the roses ...

Romantic :eek: :eek: ? now where in the world did you that idea from ?? it was good so captured it !!

No Kaushik its not in the macro mode !!

Thanks buddy for liking it !! sure will post some as soon as Am done with it !!

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good shooting there mate. The aperture mode has come out good.
You into photography deep?

I give my fingers some workout too...i'm an amateur shutter bug myself.
take a look of my click pics here - Flickr: Me, who?'s Photostream

We should exchange some notes mate...i am sure there is loads to learn from you...
Well the photos are nice and the roses are beautiful ....

but .....

Are the roses still in the plant or it has already reached the special person :D

Like me, buddy Kaushik has also sensed that you are in romantic mood this monsoon :p
Hi Shreekant,
Nice roses and lovely pics. First it was AV gear now roses, i am keenly awaiting pics of other 'interesting objects' from U.
Best regards looksgreat!!
Hi Soundsgreat,

Lovely snaps. What camera you have used? I am using Canon A560 and not getting such good pictures. Maybe I am not using that properly:)

Expecting the pictures of almighty sub and towers!

Thanks a lot guys !!

AVP Buddy Am no expert :p! just trying to learn a thing or two;) !! I love the subject ! but till now had some old cams( the nagative ones) so couldn't play with them properly as you have to wait for the result ! now got this new digital cam couple months back and ever since then Am trying to brush-up my skills !! Saw your pics pal,Real good !! Mostly shot abroad ?? well if there's anything to say then perhaps its me who has to learn from you :p!!

Ramesh you :p!! well for your kind info the roses are very much in the plant and will remain there !!

Dinyaar Thanks a lot really appreciate it !!

Muthu, thanks to you too for liking the pics ! I have a Lumix FZ50,10.2Meg 12X Zoom cam ! the complete details are there in my New Camera thread

You can check the details there !! I saw the spec of your cam ! its an entry level cam with 7.1Meg and 4X Zoom !! may be thats the reason ! Please don't take it in the wrong way !!
Hey Sreekanth!!

Good pics. However, you don't have to wait for monsoon to take similar snaps. Heres a tip for you. You can use a atomiser( One used by a barber to wet hair before cutting). It will give you a similar effect. Plus you can adjust the flow of spray and hence adjust the thickness of water droplets.

Also, if use strong LED lamps and focus them from behind the petals, you will get a flourscent effect. Ofcourse you are suppose to click in the dark. A tripod will be help. Don't open the aperture too much. Over exposure will not help.
all the best.
i am adding mine here ....




just tried get glimpses of TAWANG [google it :D]
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i am adding mine here ....




just tried get glimpses of TAWANG [google it :D]


I am not an expert to comment about the intricacies of the shots; but on seeing the pictures, my eyes got a soothing effect. Cool pictures. Thanks for posting.

Once again thanks all for showing support to my effort !

Here's one more pic that I captured today ! Just a small Tweak to make it more artistic !! Also to show that the roses are still very much in the plant and not reached any as suggested by some :D :D :D !!


Hope you guys like it !!

great work with colors ....

i will guess(i know i will fail :p ).... u used filter Lenses

.. not u are under soundsgreat>snapsgreat state ...

you are a busy-photography artist these days !

next time i go to ur place i wish to see some printed photos done by you

Haha :D ! Kaushik Thanks a tonne buddy ! Kaushik I didn't use any filters ! I have not yet bought any accessories (you know why ;) ) ! its done in software !

Hmm let me see !! will try to get some printed ! well actually I thought so myself but then hesitated !

I forgot to mention only ! your snaps look great ! It may need some touch-up to come out even better ;) !!

Sumit thanks a lot for the LED idea !! sounds very interesting will try !

Samson your pics are good too ! why not post some ?

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