Need help in selecting the flat panel TV - LCD or Plasma


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Oct 8, 2009
My living room size is 11ft by 13ft and viewing distance for TV is roughly 8.5ft to 9.5 ft. Please suggest what should be the optimal size of flat TV - LCD or Plasma - for such room. Budget is roughly 55-65K. This TV will be used mostly for watching movies on VCD/DVD, gaming using PS3, normal cable, Tata Sky, HD blu ray movies. I am also planning to buy a new home theater system which will be connected to this TV (so definitly need HDMI ports) - so audio quality of TV is not the highest priority. Please help me in choosing out of LCD/Plasma and various brands. I am not very techy or aware of various new terminologies with latest TVs. Also need some help as to what to look in any TV/display while taking demonstration before making final decision.
well looks like u will be using ur tv for pretty much everything.40/42" will be a good size for that distance.
u will need to prioritize which source is important to u.for gaming nothing like a FHD lcd,the sharp/crisp look of lcd will be a benefit.u can choose b/w the samsung B530/550 and sony S550A.both have good SD capabilty with the sony slightly better in SD.
in plasmas u can have a look at the panasonic G10 again won't be as sharp as lcds ,nor will SD be as good as the does have great contrast and has the edge in motion smoothness.
alternately if SD is a priority u can also go with the samsung 42B450 plasma.
I have made up my mind to go for Full HD LCD (or edge lit LED) in 40/42" category for my living room, based on my usage and room conditions. Please suggest which model(s) is better from following:-
1, LG LH60 - Jazz, 500Watts sound
2, LG LH70 - Scarlet 2.0
3, LG LH50 - 2ms response etc
4, Samsung B650

Suggest if you think there are better models than these in this price range (70-75k) from other brands (like Sony, Philips, Sharp, panasonic etc). Although I am buying separate HTIB as well to connect to this TV (asked for various models in different thread), but still think that video and audio qaulity both are important to me.
well i haven't seen the LH90. but tvs u can consider are samsung 40B650 and sony 40W550A.
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