Need POE PTZ Home Security Camera


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Dec 2, 2010
I am looking for a descent POE PTZ camera for my home around 10K budget. Few brands like Reolink, Armcrest have good models, but none of them are available or deliver to India. Aliexpress have Reolink RLC-423 but the custom duty is a burden on the budget.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Hai i wont suggest ptz camera as it will leave you lot of dead spots and for a 10k budget u can get multiple ip cameras from many professional security camera vendors ,all you need is some little knowledge on basic networking . Try website mogilix ,
Get a ip camera with memory card slots or go with separate NVR
@balavignesh002 Many local vendors don't know poe concept and suggest their own cameras which I am not satisfied.
@vinothmanick Looks like modern day cameras has auto tracking feature that follows the subject. But yes, sometimes dead spots are fine. Thanks for your suggestion. Will try Moglix.
I will be using my own NAS or ftp to store the footage. Little hesitant on memory card as the camera can be stolen and footage is gone.
Got a good deal on Amazon for around 9K. Even though this is a old model, got confirmation from Foscam that they have all the patches/firmware updated for this camera.