OLED chrominance overshoot test


New Member
Dec 2, 2020
I've just bought LG CX and found the issue especially annoying during rotation in FPP games (deal breaker in dark horrors). I've implemented simple app to bring the problem out; could you please check if trailing arch is visible at some point of circural gradient? It would be very informative to test it on various OLED screens - I wonder if this defect is LG OLED or in general OLED specific.
It's a bit hard to capture a clear photo as we are talking about near-black gradient levels. I've managed to capture it by increasing exposure time in my phone camera, which results in unwanted motion blur, but luminance overshoot is clearly visible at top-right part of circular gradient:

It is very easy to see with the naked eye, just run my app, ideally in dark room. Default settings should be enough to nailed it, but you can tweak gradient range/movement speed (controls in readme.txt).

I also wonder why this is happening at specific point of gradient instead of first threshold between pitch black and level above. I suspect it may be the point when supporting white subpixel is turning on, but it is just guessing.
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