OLED TVs in India - Any news?


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Aug 6, 2008
पुणे Pune
Anybody has any idea when OLED (Organic) Tvs will be launched in India?
I hope they will be here within a year or so. I am interested because they will be next step to LCDs and plasmas. Those who are not aware can seach on the net for more information.
The last audio video exhibition i attended in Jan in bangalore, Sony had them on display , they looked great, but no one talked about launch dates for India
There is no news yet about OLED TVs in India. During CES last year 55 inch OLED TVs were announced by Samsung and LG. Only LG is taking orders for its 55 inch oled sets in Korea and now according to current news it is going to launch in US March onwards. So we can say in India the availability of OLEDs will be around the end of this year. However, there is no fix date so nothing can be predicted...they might come even sooner.
Dont know about OLED.

Kohinoor Electronics is advertising Sony 84" 4k LED for Rs.17,00,000/-.

For demo contact 9930101234
FMs in Mumbai can check out the LG curved OLED on display at the Vijay Sales exhibition currently going on in MMRDA grounds, BKC, Bandra (E).

I pass through the venue on way to office and back and have seen banner put up of the same outside...havent yet got time to go there and check in person hence no idea on availability in the country or pricing.. or is it there just for display...
Just checked out the curved 55" LG OLED, it's stunning, well it should be for 9 Lakhs,
If anyone is buying an OLED, pick the sammy over the lg. Head and shoulders over the LG in terms of performance and uniformity. It is true RGB LED unlike the LG and it is significantly cheaper too.
I saw the LG curved OLED in Blore . Almost paper thin and looks stunning with the transparent speakers . Price around 9L for the 55' . Without the need for back-lighting this should simply be stunning . Am not sure if its wall mountable
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