Open-Back Sennheiser HD 599 SE on sale (at the moment) on for Rs. 8990/-


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Aug 27, 2019
Cochin, Kerala
Sounds like a good deal for FMs looking out for open-back headphones. Think this might be the lowest pricing till date!
I have not listened to these headphones. I have only been reading up on open back headphones and tracking the pricing. Just wanted to bring this offer to the attention of FMs, as this is the lowest price (for new piece) I have come across.
You will be fine without an Amp. But, An USB DAC-Amp will make a difference. You will enjoy it even more with an proper DAC-Amp.

I am using it with Zorloo Ztella. Once I used Ztella, I can't go back to my PC/Phone audio!
Is there a big difference between HD559 and HD599. The pricing are much high as such if you compare both cans.
Yes. 599 is less muddy and fast and detailed. It a better headphone overall. 559 is like a gateway to open back. But honestly none of the sennheisers sound so „open“ compared to something like a akg k701/2
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