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Feb 14, 2008
A friend of mine who is a musician and amateur
theater person wants to convert a 50'x50' outdoor
space into an open stage/club where he may play
easy listening music (Indian/western classical, old
Hindi/English songs etc) or have small amateur
concerts or plays. No earth-shaking bass or power required.

So far, we only found the Bose India site, which will
really overstretch his budget.

Do let me know any leads for speakers or drivers
suitable for outdoor use.
He is open to DIYing the speaker
cabinets, provided they can be made weather proof.
Wharfedale has outdoors speaker models too I believe. check with the local dealers.

Boston acoustics Voyager 4 or so is available ar 6000Rs(+/- 10%) a pair here in bangalore , they are outdoor speakers speaker grilles and mounting brackets are rust-proof aluminum , mounting brackets included.

Made with solid polypropylene cabinets.

and sound good . I am not sure of the area they cover .
If more are needed in wall speakers with crossovers made by Boston acoustics he can use.
1300Rs a piece (come like plate a woofer,tweeter,crossover fitted,dint note the model no) .
The shop is in sp road...bangalore
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Great info. Definitely better suited for his
purse and requirements than the Bose ones.
Will pass on the links to him.

- Prasad
Ahuja Radios have ranges which suites the requirement
QSC Amps with Wharfdale speakers are also good choice.
Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers in Walnut finish at a Special Offer Price. BUY now before the price increase.