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Oct 5, 2008
Anyone knows why Panasonic's published MRP of 50" V10 is lower than that of PY850 despite the fact that V10 comes with Neopanel??? It is extremely frustrating not being able to understand the logic behind the technical features of all the series (PV, PY, G. V etc) of their Plasma TVs.
Thanks in advance.
well newer tv are cheaper from many companies,yes the V10 is the better model,it cheaper because of the decrease in manufacturing cost.also they price it cheaper to stay competitive.
its not only the case with panasonic take for instance lcds from sony,u will notice that many last year models are still more expensive then this years models.

the PY series of plasma from panasonic were FHD,the PV series was HD ready plasma both are 08 models.
the 09 models consists of C,X series which are HD ready and S,G,V,Z which are FHD,except C,X,S all use the newer NEO PDP panels which can show better brigthness and are more efficient.
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Great price !!!

but is it advisable to purchase from the same source ? any experience for sharing ? Pl. update.

I think the catch here is "DEALERS Warranty" instead of "Manufacturer warranty"

Product sold with dealer warranty (seller warranty) : will be addressed by the seller and should be sent to the seller after confirming the address for reshipment within the specified warranty period seller warranty will cover only the product not the accessories and buyer will have to pay for repairs servicing will be done free of cost , in case of manufacturing defect the warranty will be covered for parts as well.
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