Panasonic PV8 - Problem


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May 13, 2009
Bangalore, India
Hello Everyone,

Yeah after much research and assurance from the forum, i purchased the PV8 from an authorised outlet for an amount of 44K.

However about 2 weeks later i noticed that sometimes i get these pink lines on the right hand side of the screen. This comes on when i switch on TV at times. Sometimes these do not appear at all. When it appears for normal viewing (tatasky) i tried switching it to DVD also and the lines are still there. So i am sure the problem is with the screen. I have heard that magnetic fields could also cause problems, wanted to know what kind of problems.

Experts please let me know what the problem could be, so that i am in a better position to explain it to the service person.

Has anybody else seen such a problem?

Any feedback on Panasonic customer service. Should i insist on a change in product piece.

Jacob Inasu
Could be an issue with one of the circuit boards. If so they will replace the card.

Normally they replace the set if the problem is with the panel.

Try taking snaps or a video of the issue when it happens. So that you can show it to the service guys.

Also register your product here and when you finally lodge the complaint at the service center, log it here too formally.
As we are taking about PV-8 problems i thought of posting one regarding PV80, one of the sets i helped purchase my friend is having HDMI issues, the ports at the back do not work, the port at the front works great, complaint was logged last month, they said that the board at the back was faulty, took 2 weeks they changed the board, still the issue persists, as of now he is still awaiting a fix for the problem from them
Hi All,

The technical person surveyed the TV, the problem seems to be with the power circuit. Considering this is not even a month old, i am putting pressure to replace the product entirely.

The reason given by them is that since the components on the power supply board are soldered with machines sometimes there could be these problems.

They said itis repairable, but i am not willing to just make a repair and have the fear of this happening again.

Anyway will keep you all posted on the developments on the service quality of Panasonic.

Jacob Inasu
Hi All,

They said itis repairable, but i am not willing to just make a repair and have the fear of this happening again.
Don't allow them to take the board away for repairs. At the worst ask them to get a replacement board and change it in front of you.
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