Philips HTS 4750 open/close problem. Please help!


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Aug 10, 2009
Dear All,

I'm a newbie so excuse me if I'm posting at the wrong forum. I'll learn as I go.

I bought a Philips HTS 4750 home theater system an year back. I haven't used it much except for a few hours on weekends. From the last few months, a strange (or regular?) problem started happening. I have the habit of leaving the CD inside the deck for days. When I try to eject the CD/DVD out of the unit, it gets stuck. This has happened thrice in the last 4 months. Philips service charges 350 INR per visit. I would either want to fix this on my own or find out if I need a CD lens cleaner (this is what the Philips tech suggests). But, then, I also read elsewhere that I shouldn't use CD lens cleaners frequently. It is too late when I decide to use the cleaner, i.e., when the CD gets stuck I need to call Philips tech anyways :)

Is this a known issue with HTS 4750? Or, I am doing something wrong by not using the system often and leaving the disc inside for more than a week?

Please advise. Thank you!
After 3 months of usage, I have observed the same on my Philips 3266. I think the problem is that the DVDP is not releasing the CD/DVD into the (open/close) drive slot unless we press "stop" on remote or the player. Option is to change the DVDP or otherwise ensure that you press "stop" while the disc is being played (this is important) and then open the drive.

Is this a known problem in Philips DVDP drives?
I have observed this even with lable-less discs (recorded CD-Rs) also. And mine is only around 3 months old and in a closed shelf when not in use. Me thinks it is a mechanical problem...
Check all the said possible issues mentioned by other members on this forum & then call the service engineer. Its a little money you will have to spend but then the issue gets sorted & your worries are over. My Philips DVD player is seldom used & left open (Not covered with any cloth) all the time but I have yet to face this issue. I still have a Philips DVD 727 & it work without a hitch
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