pioneer vsx 416


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Nov 12, 2007
pioneer vsx 416 or marantz sr 301


i am being offered pioneer vsx 416 brand new at 8.8k and marantz sr 301 at 12k. what would be your choice???

my choice of speakers as of know is jamo s406/606, wharfedale 8.4. The chaces of former are high

plz. pour in your suggestion fast as i need to make decision before end of 2007


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Not a big fan of Pioneer AVRs. Would suggest Denon, Marantz or Onkyo anyday.

What is your budget Vivek?
hey buddy,

thanx for the reply. 15k. actually i asked because the other day i saw vsx 416 brand new at 8k so thought to buy for time being. Also today a dealer offered me marantz sr 301 at 12k. what would be your choice???


Pioneers have good reputation in AVRs.
416 is a lower-end model, as is the SR301. But, the prices you mentioned, are these in India, with bill? or grey market??
hi jambumali,

yeah the prices are in india and with bill :). I think probably because its a obsolete model, discontinued long back.

plz. post your views (all)



choose Marantz SR301 instead of pioneer, marantz is more musical then the pioneer, though an entry level , SR 301 is better then Yamaha 361 and Pioneer 416
happy listening.

hi mohan,

thanks for the reply. is 12k right price for sr 301????

peoples plz. pour in your valued suggestions.


If you can, audition both & finalize. That would be the best way.
Else, as the purchase is for the "time being", I would go for the Pioneer, save the money & use it to buy a better one the next time. All the best.
Hmm... this is a fix. On one side you have a good offer going on for you and on the other side you are being offered a very old and entry level model. Well, my openion if you have to choose between these models would be-

Marantz SR-301 + Wharfedale Diamonds

It cant get more musical than this! Dont forget to add the Sub150 with this.

best regards.
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