polk monitor 30 vs wharfedale diamond 9.0


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May 1, 2008
hey guys i need to buy a two additionals speakers such they act as the fronts for my HTPC,i will be using the creative/cambridge gigaworks(its a sub/sat system) which can output 70watts/ch rms @ 8ohms.GigaWorks S750 - 7.1 surround computer speakers for your games, movies & MP3's

the existing creative speakers (cambridge newton MC105) has good highs and okay midrange.Cambridge SoundWorks: High Performance Speakers, Home Theater Systems, Table Radios, Multimedia Systems and More

so i thought the wharfedale 9.0 or polk M30 will suffice my need for more powerfull midrange.
also i thought i could use the the additional channels available to power a polk monitor 40 or wharfedale diamond 9.1 in BI-AMP,since these speakers need more power i can use the 7 channels available in creative gigaworks to power a pair of these speakers i.e polk M40 or wharf 9.1
I second Ranjeet's opinion ! its just not meant to be,because the giga works cannot drive the 9.0 or 9.1 properly even when Bi-Amped. also bear in mind that the giga works will not have that current capabilities to do the job (since they are never meant to drive any other speakers but their's)

Most Important the price,the 9.0 and 9.1 are in the range os 10-13K,I think so is M30-40 so when the whole giga works itself costs as much as a pair of speakers you can imagine the drive power quality of the sound reproduced etc etc..

Bottom line, Strong NO NO !

well the gigaworks costs 34000 in india.

the sattelites in the gigaworks costs $199 pair.
Cambridge SoundWorks: High Performance Speakers, Home Theater Systems, Table Radios, Multimedia Systems and More

if we look at specs of the gigwaworks/cambridge sattelites its specs are
min/max power 20watts min /120watts max
sensitivity 86db.

now if we look at the spec of polk M30
MIN/MAX power 20watts min / 100watts max
sensitivity 89db

the polks M30 costs $160 a pair cheaper then the creative/cambridge speakers.
also since the polk has a 89db sensitivity i feel it will be more easier to drive.

so guys what are u thoughs after seeing the specs.
I also used to read specs with a lot of diligence in my early years of interest. I hooked a 10-100 watts capable speakers into an amp claiming 142 watts RMS of power. The amp blew.

Without being specific to GigaWorks, I want to say, Specifications are meant to be indicative. Don't try to deduce real power or quality offered by the equipment by reading them.
also since the polk has a 89db sensitivity i feel it will be more easier to drive.

Not necessarily. A rating of 89dB doesn't guarantee that. But why not try it. Who knows GigaWorks may have been built to handle likes of said speakers.

Yes agreed that the Creative sats costs that much but if it had sounded that good then you wouldn't have thought to change them would you ?

See remember one thing, what-ever said and done there's 100% difference in the design concept of a PC based system and Hi-Fi system,The PC system is meant to for that and only that purpose ! but the Hi-Fi can be used for other applications provided you have proper amplification etc for it

For your Information the 9.0 were used for channel music system in an Airport and was sounding great , reason for me to say this I think you understand.

Even on the tech spec if you look there's some difference (which you've noticed obviously )

All in all I'd stick to what I said earlier that its not a suitable option for you.

If at all you want to improve the sound then buy a stereo amp and M30 or 9.0 etc and use it for the two channel purpose .
well the reason i wont a pair of new speakers is that my gigaworks came with 5 sattelites and two more can be added as an option since the sub is capable of driving upto 7 sattelites.
the second reason is that when i was wiping off the dust on one my sattelite the tweeter got crushed and now the sound distorts.
third reason is that i had not cleaned them for a while and the sattelites had been resting on some old books which wasnt touched for 3 years,so when i removed the cover of the sattelite i was shocked:eek: to see the tweeters edge eaten by termites or some other form of insects.:(

the gigaworks sattelites AKA cambridge newton MC105 is primarly used for home theatre app but creative choose to use it in multimedia app.
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Sorry to hear about your loss. Try to sell your speakers as a 2.1/4.1 system. Whatever you can get, and then build a system from scratch. To date, there are complete HTIBs available for less than what you paid for those speakers.

So sorry to hear to that ! by the way where are you from ? if you are from bangalore I can help you with those tweeter issues or other's !!

As with you trying to power it with the sub,how come it didn't come with 7 speakers when the unit is capable of driving them ( just a doubt )

Well after all the Q&A session and discussions I will give you another option (even this is bit overkill but... ) you can pair it with Bostons Voyeger 5 or 6 (priced at 6 and 8K respectively) or PRO-FX PRO212 (5.5k) this not only is lighter on the pocket then the other options but also a bit more suited for the general Amps of the giga type or similar.

So think it over and decide,best of the luck !!

well i dont know how else to fix the tweeters other then cutting it and then glueing them back:rolleyes:.yes i stay in bangalore.appreciate ur help.so do u know where the fix them,anyway i will first have to get permission from my bro.

well creative used to sell the gigaworks in two configuration the S750 i.e 7.1 and the S700 which is 5.1 but has the option to add two more speakers latter.both are identical to each other minus the 2 speakers.

well got a response from polk audio tech team they say i can try the polk M30but they said it with caution.

well i heard that the polk m30 is bi wireable so dont u guys think its safe to use that in bi amp.

i will eventually buy a better amp. but right now i dont wont to buy some cheap sattelites ,i was thinking of getting bookshelf speakers like a diamond 9.1 so that i can put it for good use latter.

also how will amp lets us know that its under strain what are the signs.
Well I have a person who does these things, even otherwise most of the times I do it my self ! Iam a Hardcore DIY and Audio Enthuse ! if have not looked at my DIY posts please do so !

If you have future plans for Amp up-gradation then I'd say 9.1 is the best option then M30 or 40 ! they are terrific speakers and has won numerous awards world over !

Now that you've told your real and future plan its easier for us to suggest !!

If you any help please do send me a PM will do the needful !!

Last line what exactly you mean ? do you mean that if the amp is getting strained then how will know or will the amp get strained driving the speakers etc ?

In both the cases,play it in a moderate volume don't play more then 65% (Max I'd say) of the volume for what ever reason you choose to pump up the volume just check the back plate in the Sub where the Amp is located to make sure its not hot or smoking (if not literally at- least the smell) !

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well i considered the polk M30 because its 8ohms and has a higher senstivity.while i do know the wharfedale is good ,but the 6ohms scared me since it will be harder to drive, and now i got confused the wharfedale dealer (vectors system) in bangalore told that if a amp is rated at 70watts rms @ 8ohms then in 4 ohms its 140 rms so he said my sub wont even sweat driving a diamond 9.1.:confused:
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