Pre-amp, Power amp combo for DefTech Speakers


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Nov 7, 2008
I am looking to upgrade my current HT package consisting of DefTech 7002 (fronts), DefTech 2300 (center), DefTech 7006 (Rear) and DefTech 2002 (rear center) driven by a Denon 2807 receiver. I wish to go the separates way and want to get your expert opinion on the best pre-amp, amp combo available in India (would welcome good domestic manufacturers too) to drive these speakers. The fronts and rear are rated at 92 DB, 8 ohms. Their frequency response is 15Hz - 30 KHz (they have built in subwoofers). The centers are rated at 91 DB, 8 ohms. Hope this much info is sufficient for a recommendation. I use them for movies and music 50-50.
Hi Venkat, my budget is around 75K to 125K, tending towards the lower end of the range :)

I am looking for something that can expand to 7.1 in the future, but yes, for the moment, 5.1 would do.
Mambo, 1,25 lakhs at an exchange rate of INR60 to 1 dollar comes to roughly 2100 dollars.

Most Surround Sound Processors (SSP) and multichannel amplifiers start at around $2000 each and go upto $10,000 each.

There are two options available.

1. The Emotiva MMC-1 SSP at $699 linked to the UPA-7 7-channel amplifier at $599 or the XPA-5 5-channel amp at $699. The MMC-1 is being phased out in favour of a new model that is being released very shortly. It should cost around the same and have better features. Total Cost $1398.

2. Outlaw Audio 990 SSP at $699 and 997 amplifier at $999. Total price 1698.

Unfortunately both these are sold only on the Net, and with 110 volts power units. If you have somebody in the US who can helo you, you can get these products. Both are award winners and well respected products.

Take a look at these products at Outlaw Audio and Emotiva Audio :: Audiophile Quality Audio Electronics and loudspeakers for home theater and music at Factory Direct Prices; Multi Channel Amplifiers, Sound Processors, and Award Winning Speaker Systems.

We can look at other options later after your comments on this.

Hi Venkat,

Thanks for your recommendations. I really hope the rupee/dollar rate stays below the 50 rupee mark :) and not get to 60 as you remarked. Which will give me $2500 to play with. I just raised my budget to 3K now :) :)

It appears that Emotiva supports 230 volts. There is what looks like a switch in the SSP to change voltages and the spec for the MPS-2 power amp (which is what I think I will need as it puts out 200W of power) supports 120/230 VAC user configurable module, but honestly, I am not sure what it means.

I do prefer not to build or buy large voltage converters, and so a product that supports 230v is highly preferred. I have had to build a converter for my Denon/DefTech system as they were purchased in the US and really would like to avoid that again. It works quite well, but sometimes I forget to turn these off and the converter gets hot and obviously consumes some power.

I do have friends in the US, but given the weight of the monsters above, it can be a tall order for them to bring in as personal luggage without attracting the attention of customs officials :)

Are there any Indian brands that can perform similar to these and can be purchased with warranty in India?

Again, your help is highly appreciated and thanks in advance for your time.


The exchange rate I have mentioned is what are used by dealers when they quote in India. I suppose this includes transportation, and customs charges, dealer commission, etc.

If the Emotiva is 120/230 with a switch, then it is very simple. Just above the IEC socket in the back you will have a switch that you can toggle between 120 and 230 volts. Depending upon which position you set it in, you have feed it that voltage.

It need not be brought as personal baggage. You can always get it sent as cargo. Actually your friend can call Emotiva and ask them for methods of shipping to India. Of course you have to handle customs here. I am not sure if any dealer/distributor in India deals with Emotiva products.

The only Indian brand that I know of that make multi-channel pre-amp and power amp is Sonodyne. Please check the following links:

Home Audio > Sonus Series
Home Audio > Sonus Series

I am not sure these specs will match what you are looking for. There are brands such as B&K, Lexicon and other represented in India. But these will cost upwards of 2/2.5 lakhs.


Another option I can consider is to use my Denon as a pre-amp and use external monoblock or multi-channel amplifiers. Note that I am perfectly happy with the Denon's audio/video processing for now, it's more amplification that I need.

Would the above widen my options with respect to amplifiers? Any recommendations for this configuration?

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