Reliance to bring HDTV to India, through IPTV

Sounds great but let us hope they are able to deliver on their promise. Like our politicians, our companies raise our hopes sky high and then let us down. The other question is one of software - will our domestic production houses be able to make the expensive transition to HD? I hope we are pleasantly surprised.
You are right. My expectations are pretty low. I would be more than happy with any broadcaster retransmitting HD content from overseas channels like Discovery, National Geographic, etc.

watch guys..
HD channels are coming into reality

First ever cricket match in HD broadcast is Aus vs India 20-20 in feb 2008(sorry for indians)

DD is going HD in 2010 for Commonwealth games alone

DTH with few HD channels : BIG TV

HBO is already in HD broadcast..only tht we dont have an HD-STB
Thanks for the info,

Sure hope they can bring good channels on hd through dth do you know when is the launch,pricing etc...

Chacko Koshy
Are reliance's IPTV and DTh the same? i am confused here..i am interested in one of their offereings which offers HDTV.. and i dont know which of the two?
any info on both the offerings highly appreciated.
Looks like Pune has HDTV now!
Anyone from Pune on this forum? It is worth verifying.


Satellite & Cable TV

ICC - Pune's Dominant MSO Has Launched HDTV On Its Digital CATV Networks, A First In India.


ICC currently offers 5 HDTV channels. Besides 1 received by a satellite, the other 4 are in-house channels which have HDTV content on its hard disc servers at the headend and the content is continuously played out from the hard discs.

"Obtaining HDTV content is our biggest challenge" says Inamdar. "We have approached several channels which provide HD content in the US and Europe but they are not ready for HD content in this region. I guess being a pioneer always has its difficulties" smiles Inamdar. He is however hopeful that he may obtain some children's channel content in HD, from an existing broadcaster.

That's news i wonder which channels are broadcasted in hd ,secondly are they providing hd set top boxes?

The Link provided did answer my question,sorry i stumbled upon on it now.

It really looks great for hd,hope something like this launches soon here in mumbai too.

Pune seems to be the pioneer for many technologies. I remember in the late 90s they were enjoying broadband Internet access before it became widespread here in Mumbai. All the best to them but hope service providers here wake up!
Some more news on HDTV coming our way:
HDTV set to enter Indian markets

Jawahar Goel, Dish TV director and part of the Zee group says: "All our DTH equipment is HDTV-ready and we are hopeful to sell HDTV set-top boxes by the third quarter of this year." Goel adds the boxes are available at prices ranging between $85 and $100 which is double the price of a normal set-top box.

A Reliance Communications executive also says that the company is in the process of scouting around for content on HDTV and would be offering HDTV set-top boxes to consumers, though the timeframe is still not clear.


This is my first post. :)

There seem to be a couple of un-answered questions / pointers that I would like to address:

1. There is no Piracy on the HD Content offered by ICC Pune. They are re-transmitting Free-To-Air channels currently available over India VOOM & LUX TV.

Yes, they provide HDTV STBs, to home that have a HDTV ready TV.

2. Reliance's IPTV and HDTV services are still to launch, so cant say of their content will be similar or different....

Reliance has been promissing IPTV for more than 3 years. IMHO, IPTV does not seem likely to suceed in India... atleast for the next 2 to 3 years.

NO Indian TV broadcaster currently offers HDTV transmissions on Satellite. Hence Dish TV only has HDTV Infra structure in place, but is NOT delivering HDTV content. ( Ditto for INX Nes ).

Since there is no India HDTV satellite content, no IPTV service ( or any other TV service except ICC's Cable TV in Pune ) offers HDTV content.

HDTV also requires HDTV ready boxes, ( applicable for DTH, IPTV or Cable TV ), and NO One except ICC Pune offers HDTV STBs.

What ever DishTV or Reliance may say, theirs are " Forward looking " :D statements at best...
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