sammy 42B450 plasma or 40B530/550 lcd


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Oct 20, 2009
Hi All, :)

After a long research and going through many threads in this forum I have shortlisted 2 TVs. My budget is ~50K.

1. samsung 42B450 HD-Ready plasma (~45K)
2. samsung 40B530/550 Full-HD lcd (~53K/55K)

my usage is :
50% tatasky
50% movies via xtreamer (25% SD-divx, 50% 720p and 25% 1080p)

Viewing distance is 6-8 feet.
I can control the light in my room at day time with thick curtains over windows.
Power consumption is not an issue but worried how much care is needed for plasma burn-in issue.

I am a little confused which one I should I go for.
Please help me with your opinions. :cool:

Thanks a lot.
Dear Alok,

I own a 50B450.

Its HD ready and my viewing is 50% T-sky & 50% movies.
the PQ is good considering SD broadcast and movies (even full HD), its hard to tell the difference (if you are watching ''movie'' not the ''screen'' :D)

my viewing dist is 7-10', and it doesn't effect the PQ.

well'll be scared to hell if you ask showroom guys abt burn-in issue with plasmas. its been almost a month & i'm really finding it difficult to locate it on the screen. just tweak the pict. settings to <50% and zoom the image and you are done. stick to these settings for 100 odd hrs, thats all.

as far as full HD vs HD ready is concerned, thats your call dear. i picked HD ready as the PQ was far excellent (compared to my 29'' CRT) and the difference (HD ready / Full HD) was negligible (at home). in the showrooms the content displayed is specially made for demo purpose whereas at home we still get average signal feed (SD).

this is my experience with B450.

before deciding your pick, take a demo on the dvd/movie you wish to see at home and if possible ask the dealer to give demo on Tata Sky.
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