Sony NX 700 series


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Feb 13, 2010
Hi all,

I am looking forward to buying an LCD TV from the Sony stable. I heard the worldwide launch for NX 700 series is Feb 22nd. I have seen the NX 500 series details on the Sony India website.

I am looking to buy NX 700 40 inch ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. I have seen US price as $1700 which should equate to around roughly Rs.78000. Any idea whether this will be launched anytime soon in India.

If anyone has any clue, please let me know.

Cheers !

MRP of 40EX500 in India is Rs 73,900. It goes for $ 899 (not really the MSRP) in the US.

On the same scale, the $1700 40NX700 would be a towering 1.4L. I know I am not comparing the MRP to MSRP - but still this gives a flavor of what to expect.

It will be interesting to see how Sony prices this product here.
According to the press release on Sony Malaysia's website, the NX700 was to launch in Asian markets in February 2010. The EX500 which also had a Feb 2010 release date has just been released 2-3 days back. So the NX700 should be releasing soon. BTW the NX500 has already been released. Its specs are similar to EX400, but it has a glass covering. Looks good, but can reflect things easily. I find the EX400 better in that respect.
EX500 might be a better option as it is 100Hz.
I believe it is already released in India.

Any suggestions/comments for an upgrade to 40" 1080p HD?

Sony India website is displaying NX 800 series 52 inch. I hope we can expect a June 2010 launch just ahead of World Cup.

KDL-52NX800 : NX Series : BRAVIA LCD TV : Sony India

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well i bet it would be priced above 1.5lakh for the 52".
by june u might acually see the HX800/HX900 which will be 3d capable tvs ,HX900 is a local dimming EDGE LED lcd.these 2 models have the motionflow 200HZ pro vs 200hz for the NX800.
my guess is that those with 200hz pro have the UV2A lcd panels.
Finally, brought home a Sony NX 703 - 40 inch from London (NX 700 in India). I have been using it over the past 2 weeks and the picture quality is excellent. I tried connecting to the Internet through the inbuilt Wifi, but it seems my internet is a bit slow. Overall an excellent product.

For those of you looking to carry an LCD TV along as luggage, it seems it is safe to do so atleast from my experience. I boarded Emirates flight from London Heathrow to Cochin via Dubai. Emirates staff applied fragile stickers and the LCD TV was sent with the fragile items hold.

I was fearful about the LCD getting damaged after nearly 10 hours of flight and how the baggage handlers at London, Dubai and Cochin would handle it.

Price paid = 1300 pounds ( Rs. 86000 - India price Rs. 124,900)
People with visit visa can claim 150 pounds VAT refund at Heathrow Airport.

Sony UK gives 5 year warranty which is not of much use as I will have to carry the LCD TV back to London to get it repaired.

So far so good.

Cheers !
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